Posted by: bohography | September 26, 2007

San Francisco Denies Marines From Filming Ad


They’re the few, they’re the proud, they are the Marines! And Americans are proud of them, well unless of course you’re San Francisco…

The Silent Drill Platoon of the U.S. Marine Corps were barred from filming a new advertising campaign on California streets during the sixth anniversary of 9/11… Officials told the Marines that they could film the ad, only if the Marines were not in the shoot. Uh a do what?

You know, I can appreciate people that oppose the war in a tactful and respectful way, but I have no respect for people that will jump at any opportunity to disrespect our military just to impose their anti-war cries.

I would like to send a congratulations to Stefanie Coyote, the executive director of the San Francisco Film Commission for turning down our Marines that wanted to promote patriotism in your city… Your swift executive decision earned you the Anti-Military award of the week!

The excuse that this San Franfreakshow official used to deny the Marines a few hours to film this ad was “traffic control issues.” See this is puzzling to me, because San Franfreakshow can control the traffic for anti-war protests and freak show parades, but they are incapable of controlling traffic for a small film crew and a couple of Marines? Come to think of it, traffic control was one of the excuses Mayor Bloomberg used to deny the Iranian President access to the WTC site, knowing full well that the real reason was because he is a mini-Hitler and we didn’t want him there! So nice excuse Coyote Ugly, but that shat won’t fly in Real America!

This is another example of covert, far-left hate mongering towards our military… But then again, it’s San Franfreakshow, who gives a damn what they think, after all, this is the home of Mrs. Anti-Military freak herself, Nancy Pelosi.

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