Posted by: bohography | February 4, 2008

Last Call For Conservatives

With Super Tuesday coming tomorrow and more states to follow, I sit here and wonder if true conservatives will speak out again against the Republican establishment? The same establishment that tried to shove amnesty down our throats!

Have we thrown in the towel and surrendered to the RINO (republican in name only) John McCain?

Why now? Why would we fight tooth and nail to stop McCain and his buddy Ted Kennedy from passing the grand amnesty bill, just to sit back and hand the nomination on a silver platter to this liberal republican? Why?

I believe there are 2 reasons why McCain is the so-called front runner…

1. The most obvious reason why McCain is leading is in thanks to Gov. Mike Huckabee. Now before you Huckabee supporters get upset, you need to realize that Huckabee has no chance whatsoever in winning the nomination. Therefore, every time you vote for Mike Huckabee, you are voting for John McCain. Every time you vote for McCain you are voting to move conservatives closer to the left. McCain has been endorsed by the NY Times for crying out loud!!! So if you want to hold on to what little conservatism we have left, then vote for the most conservative candidate, and send a message to Huckabee that the audition for Vice President is over!

2. Romney is a Mormon! Yes, Gov. Mitt Romney is a Mormon… And my answer to that is …, who gives a damn! When I go to cast my vote, I am not voting for a preacher, I’m voting for a president. Not to mention Mitt Romney is a man of character, who has been unfairly judged and scrutinized! This is a man who has been married to the same woman for 35 years, can’t say that about McCain. This is a man with great patience and passion that a presidency needs. McCain has shown what kind of patience he has, McCain will belittle and curse those who disagree with him… Well that’s not very Christian like now is it?

Mitt Romney is a man that knows how to run an economy, can’t say that about McCain and he even admitted it! Yes, McCain is good on the Battle in Iraq. But he is weak on National Defense! You cannot say that you are the best at National Security when you are an “open borders” politician! You cannot say that you are strong on National Defense, when you want to close Guantanamo Bay and allow the detainees to set up shop here on our soil, so that the ACLU and other ambulance chasing lawyers can represent these terrorists. You cannot say that you are a leader on National Defense when you are a road block for vital interrogation tactics to thwart further American deaths! Here’s a little hint, our military members who go through survival training are subjected to water boarding. So don’t call it torture when more people have been killed in Ted Kennedy’s car than from water boarding. Don’t call it torture when more Border Patrol Agents have been killed on the Arizona border than from water boarding. Yes, McCain was a POW and is a war hero. Being a veteran myself, I would never take anything away from that. But, just because you are a war hero doesn’t mean you hold the golden microphone and everything you say under the military umbrella is true!

So the bottom line is this… McCain will lie to win. He will say anything to conservatives to coerce us into believing he has all of the sudden changed his McCain/Feingold, McCain/Liberman and of course his McCain/Kennedy positions. He no longer believes that the Bush tax cuts are a bad policy, and he is willing to admit that he was wrong? Don’t hold your breath!

I ask that when you go to cast your vote, take a moment and seriously think about who is truly the more conservative of the two, Romney or McCain… Who is more well-rounded and well-grounded. Who will truly protect us abroad and who will protect our borders here at home. Who will more likely nominate justices that will strictly interpret our constitution. And who will steer us clear from the road on the left.

The choice is yours, but if your choice is wrong, well then we will all have to live with it…

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