Our Troop’s Letter

I’m privileged to have received this letter from some of our troops in Iraq.  To the heroes who sent this, I say thank you for everything that you do, “Keep on-Keeping on”.

These are their words, so listen…

America, what are you doing?  Do you know who we are?  This is the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines speaking to you.  Why are we hearing that our country back home is in disarray, while we are in a foreign land fighting for you?  Why are you allowing the news to show carnage everyday, when we are rebuilding schools?  Is it true? Do you believe that we’ve lost?  Why would you think that?  Yes it’s a bloody battle, but we are not quitters!  Are you a quitter?  Have you given up on us?  Do you still believe in us? 

I know it’s hard to see over 3,000 of us perish in this fight, but we are on the offensive and we can do this…  Did you give up on the military during WWII when 406,000 Americans died?  No, Americans were united.  So, why aren’t you united?  Did we do something wrong?  Do you hate us?  Why would you protest my brethrens funerals?  They died for you, and you want to ruin the last moment they have with their families?  Why?

Can you hear us?  Why would you support cutting off our funding?  Do you think it will help us?  You’re not helping us, you would kill us!  Is it because we didn’t find the WMDs?  We’re disappointed too, but they were here, we’ve seen the graves.  Are you scared that we have created more terrorists by being here?  They were here when we arrived, we’ve chased them.  Do you honestly believe that we would purposely kill innocent people?  We don’t and our tears have dropped on their bodies. 

Are you there?  Why have your patience ran out?  We are patient, and we are the ones carrying the load.  I thought that we had until September to see if the surge would improve things?  Yet, you can’t even wait a few more months for us?  Do you believe that we have failed?  Are you throwing in the towel? If you blame the President, then you blame us all.  It’s called the chain of command and if the Commander in Chief falls, we all fall. 

Do you want us to surrender?  Will that ease your mind?  What do we tell our kids?  How would we protect them?  Do you think this area will be better if we leave?  It won’t.  Then what America, what’s your next move? 

We’re speaking to you America!  We thought that when the military is at war with an enemy, then our whole country is at war with that enemy?  Why are you letting politicians who know nothing about war divide our country?  Will it take another 9/11 to make you understand?  It will happen if we surrender.  Is that what you want?  Do you want more Americans dead?  Do you have tunnel vision?  We don’t, we have the enemy in our sights. 

Why is it that we can secure borders here, but you can’t secure our borders at home?  Do you not think terrorists are aware of this?  We do, we’ve heard it.  Do you think that terrorists won’t be able to fly our airplanes again?  We do, we’ve seen it.  Do you not think these terrorists will sneak into our country?  We do, it’s their new plan.

Where are you America?  Do you still fly our flag?  Or did you take it down after 9/11 slipped your mind?  Do you still love our country? We do.  Would you die for our country?  Don’t worry, we will.  Do you still support us?  Because it’s hard to hear you now.  We are fighting for you America, will you fight for us?  We love you America, will you love us?  Are you still there?  Can you hear us?

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