“These are the times that try men’s soul” Thomas Paine, from The Crisis, December 1776

Unfortunately, it appears, it just under 250 years, we have moved so far away from the vision of the Founding Fathers, that they are probably rolling over in their graves. It is a sad state of affairs, when we see that our very own government has grown into the same tyrannical beast that was the cause for Revolution.

If you look at the core of America’s founding- freedom of religion, the removal of an overbearing tax system, the limiting of government- you’ll find that these are all once again problems in America. What makes this an even tougher pill to swallow, is that we’re doing it to ourselves. Our government is no logner Of, By, and For the People- actually, I don’t even know if our elected officials even care about ‘the people’.

That is why you saw a Republican majority in the Senate turn to a Democratic majority. And now, with a Republican President’s approval rating around 33%, and a Democratic Senate with an approval rating of around 27% (as of 5/22/07), it’s easy to see that American’s don’t really favor either party. That may not what you hear on the news, or from your politicians, but that is the truth. It’s time for some accountability, some geniune leadership- a return to the promise of a Free Land, put forth by our Founders in the Constitution.

Most people confuse ‘conservtive’ for Republican, and that’s just not the case. Granted, most conservatives vote Republican, but there will always be Liberal Republicans and Conservative Democrats. This will not be a pundit for a particular party. Honestly, I feel that right now, both parties are an absolute disgrace. They are more concerned with power, both current and potential, to actually govern as they were elected to do.

This blog will take various stories and issues, show what each side is looking to do, how the American people feel, and what should be done. I hope you enjoy- whether you agree or disagree- and I hope you enter your opionions as well.

This is the Common Sense Conservative


  1. good site, i enjoy it.

  2. thank you, I really enjoy yours as well. I’ve added you to my blogroll since you deal more with the theology side that I tend not to get into.

  3. Hi al66888:

    Thank you for visiting my page.

    This is a nice place to check out another perspective. I come from my country’s leading leftist tradition – the National Democrats. It’s neither liberal nor conservative. it is radical.

    I’ve answered the two questions that you left in my latest blog entry: Books, Books, and More Books.

    More power to the common sense conservative!

  4. Great site! I’m always pleased to see the constitution be at the forefront of the message!. Keep it up.


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