Writers Wanted

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy scouring the latest headlines and news of the day and posting my personal thoughts.  However, as the cycle of my job goes, right after the 4th of July holiday, things are going to get very hectic.  Instead of 3, 4, and 5 posts a day, I’ll be hoping to do 1 post per day, and with that, it will most likely be an opinion piece based on what I think is the most important for that day (or just what I feel like writing).  Which leads me to a thought to change this site.

I would like to change this from my personal blog to a group effort- Think townhall.com instead of michellemalkin.com.  So, I put out this post, which I will add as a permanent page, for a call for those to join me.  I am looking for all sorts of people:

  • Those who’s blog is on a specific subject IE Religion or Congressional Matters
  • Those who like to write about a particular subject (and become that subject’s guru) IE immigration or taxation
  • Those who don’t have their own blog and want to contribute
  • Those who are  an independent (and/or conservative) voice and would like to write opinion pieces
  • Someone who’s writing style is done for humor
  • And yes, I’m even considering someone to be a liberal opinion voice to the site, I am nothing if not fair.  (please no Bush set up 9/11 liberals please!)
  • Something other than that which I have listed: feel free to make suggestions

Basically, anyone!  Even if you write on your blog 5 x’s a week, then post one of those articles to here once a week and we’ll link back to yours.  After everything you write on this site, please feel free to leave your URL for readers to view more.  And of course, all writers willl be linked from this site to theirs.  If you are interested, go to the Writers Wanted page at the top of this site, and leave a comment. 

Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that it’s going to be all liberals!  C’mon, there’s enough bad stuff out there, you have to laugh at something.

 Hope you’ll join me, and together we’ll build out a blog that has many views, ideas, and opinions- and not just mine.

All that I ask is that if you would like to be a contributer, that you make a commitment to try and post at least once a week. 


  1. Count me in! Just let me know what kind of direction and format we want to go… You never know, if we get some great posts going this thing just might take off. Do you think we should set up some kind of schedule or niche market target? Just thinking about possible future growth…

  2. Bo,
    did you get my email?

  3. I got it, did you get my reply?

  4. As a liberal what could I blog about? I mean I could start with the myth of a modern day liberal media. I could talk about gay rights or a womans’ right to choose. Maybe gun control? Oh, and I just saw Sicko and I thought it had some things to say that people need to hear (though I will admit that I haven’t drank all the kool-aid when it comes to Moore). Then there’s Iraq, but we can talk about that later. I figure that I could do a weekly post about how Ann Coulter may be something akin to the evil black ooze from the first season of Star Trek TNG (okay that was a bit geeky). I could say the Sen Clinton is neither a B^%ch or a lesbian. Hey looks like there’s a whole bunch of things that I can blog about.

    When it comes to the 9.11 tin foil hat people. Don’t call yourselves liberals!!! You are either nutcases or people that just want to be noticed. I would try pro wrestling if I were you.

    Look forward to ticking you off later.

    PS – Al, I was here so I thought i’d say something.

  5. […] Writers Wanted Posted by: al66888 | 2nd Aug, 2007 […]

  6. Feel free to subscribe to my e-mail feed — http://www.feedburner.com/fb/a/emailverifySubmit?feedId=855004 — or visit http://bobmccarty.wordpress.com to see a sampling of my work. Feel free to reprint any articles you find…with attribution, of course.

  7. I would love to try and write for you.

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