Posted by: bohography | September 21, 2007

National POW/MIA Recognition Day

As we look forward to the weekend to escape the workweek, enjoy time with our families, watch a football game or travel our American highways–today we should take a moment and remember our heroes who remain locked away in a foreign land, our heroes who have never been found and our heroes who continue the hunt for them and bring them back home where they belong…

So I ask all of you to take a moment, just a couple of minutes to pause and remember the heroes who continue to count the days, weeks, months and the years until that one day they might reunite with their families…

Take a moment to appreciate how fortunate you are to have absolute freedom. No matter how tough things might seem in our lives, we will always be in a better place, enjoying a better life because of these heroic Americans…

Take a moment and think about your family, think about your spouse, your children and just imagine being away from them for many years, wondering how they’re doing, what they must look like and even wondering if they’re still alive…

Can you imagine?

Take a moment and think about the family members who still wait for that phone call, telling them that their loved one has been found after all these years…

Take a moment to remember, to think that somewhere out there are fellow Americans holding out hope that their country, their fellow Americans will find them and will continue searching until all are accounted for…

Take a moment and show them that they are Not Forgotten and they never will be forgotten,

Just Take A Moment…


Read the Proclamation by the President of the United States of America



  1. What you say is true and gut wrenching.

  2. Thanks, it’s hard to imagine what it must be like to be a POW or a family member enduring this trauma for all of these years…

    May God lead us to find our people and bring all of them home once and for all…


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