Posted by: bohography | September 12, 2007

Troops In Iraq Agree With Petraeus Report

Ed wrote a great article about the Petraeus Report and how the left is scheming their way to further undermine our military and their accomplishments.

Below is an article from

FORWARD OPERATING BASE DELTA, Iraq — At this wind-swept base near the Iranian border, the main points of Gen. David Petraeus’ testimony to Congress were met with widespread agreement among soldiers: The American troop buildup is working, but the military needs more time.Most of the soldiers at FOB Delta, some 100 miles southeast of Baghdad, were out on patrol or sleeping when Petraeus’ comments were broadcast late Monday and Tuesday in Iraq.

But some heard it and others have read about it, and say they agree with their commander’s assessment.

Staff Sgt. Matthew Nicholls of the 71st Medical Detachment, visiting FOB Delta from his post in southern Iraq to do an assessment, said the military still needs time to clean up mistakes made after the 2003 invasion, including the need to build an Iraqi army from scratch and to secure the borders.

“I think our initial assessment was too rosy,” he said after reading about the hearings while sitting in the library at the recreation center. “It takes time to build an army and I think we should’ve secured the borders right away.”

The 36-year-old from Mobile, Ala., also said American politicians need to be more understanding.

“They can be critical because they are politicians and their main goal is to be re-elected, but they see a much more limited piece than the troops on the ground,” he said.

“What happens in Washington D.C. when somebody signs a piece of paper doesn’t necessarily make it here in the desert,” he said. “You can’t make everybody come together. Sometimes the best you can do is find intermediaries and that takes time.” Read the entire article here…

So basically what it comes down to is that the Democrats on Criminal Hill do not believe Gen. Petraeus. The left says that the 4 star General, the war hero, a tremendous leader, with great integrity lied to them. They believe that Gen. Petraeus would purposely keep American troops under his command, in Iraq just to change public opinion! So if they do not believe Gen. Petraeus, they think he is a liar, a traitor, then they also think that our men and women over-there, sacrificing their lives while these Democrat dirt bags sip on their brandy, are liars and traitors too! Because if the troops agree with and support The Petraeus Report, then the left has to include our troops in the mud slinging…

Here is a General who does more in one day than any of these no good, weak, whiny liberal politicians will ever do in the course of their term! WHAT AN INSULT!

You have people like Barack Obama, this young, ignorant twit who doesn’t know a damn thing about the military, war, weapons, foreign policy and I bet he doesn’t even know how to render a proper salute!

Then there’s Joe Biden – so he is now an expert because he serves on the Armed Forces Committee? He has never spent not one day in the military and he has no inclination about military operations!

Harry Reid – when did this weak-moron become a military expert? I have more military experience in my left pinky finger than this American Traitor!

Chuck ‘The Schmuck’ Schumer – remember what he said last week. Well here’s a reminder…

(D-NY) Sen. Schumer, Congressional Record, 9/5/07, p. S 11090 – “And let me be clear: the violence in Anbar has gone down despite the Surge, not because of the Surge. The inability of American soldiers to protect these tribes from Al Qaeda said to these tribes: We have to fight Al Qaeda ourselves.”

Schumer was one of the 81 Senators who voted to confirm Petraeus last January, but of course the political winds were changing in another direction, but it’s to be expected from a moron!

So instead, let’s say our troops are doing nothing and let’s just give the credit to the warlords. Real nice you Anti-Military loser!

I could make a list of all of the weak, backstabbing, anti-military, losers on the left who go to great extremes to degrade, insult, disrespect, undermine, cheat, lie, steal and sacrifice the great work and accomplishments our military is doing. But to make it easier for you to decipher through the whole list of losers, just ponder this and then you can make your own list of progressive puppets…

Isn’t interesting that no liberal has denounced the ad in the New York Times calling Gen. Petraeus a traitor? The Republicans stood up for this great General, so why can’t the sissies on the left do the same. You would think that the Dems are funded by this group, or conducting daily conference calls or something? Is it obvious to you? I mean the MoveOn Morons said they own the Democrats, that’s there words, not mine!

What A DISGRACE! The once great party of Truman and Roosevelt has fallen to the bottom of the barrel, the lowest level a party can go, a depth where even magnets would be disgusted to prey upon!

I feel sorry for moderate Democrats who are being represented by these far-left loonies. I can only hope that this will be a wake up call for common sense Liberals who might not agree with the war, but do acknowledge that the surge is working and to insult and undermine our military is Un-American…

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