Posted by: bohography | September 12, 2007

9/11; The Day We United

As most Americans took some time to reflect on the worst day in American history – as we remember the images of airplanes flying into the WTC, the Pentagon and an open field in Pennsylvania – the images of fellow Americans covered in ash and dust confused, shocked and scared, fleeing to safety – first responders rushing to the scenes knowing that they would probably not live through the day, while their loved ones watch the events unfold on TV, the mighty towers crashing to the ground – images burned into our memory…

But, I can’t help to think that some Americans have let the attacks on 9/11 be replaced with complacency.

We went from being one country, united, strong and resolute to six years later, becoming the most divided our country has been in recent history. Six years later and some Americans rather point fingers than wave our flag. Six years later, have we forgotten?

Will it take another attack to wake us up and unite our country long term? Or is our country’s division too far gone where nothing will make it long-lasting?

September 11, 2001, a day that will forever be in our history, a day where the best of America was unveiled, a day where heroes answered the call – only six years ago – and look at us now…


  1. I agree 100%. We were all united there for awhile….everyone forgot about party affiliations, etc. It didn’t take long for it to all start back up again, though. I do believe you are right about most Americans becoming complacent as well and that it will probably take another attack to unite us all again…..although that is a price I wish we wouldn’t have to pay to have our eyes opened.

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