Posted by: bohography | August 31, 2007

Bystanders Hogtie Fleeing Suspect

With so much negativity in the news everyday, I thought I would share a little story about bystanders turned heroes…, DALLAS – One man is in the hospital and another behind bars after police said a driver dragged a man and his motorcycle 600 feet down a highway. The incident ended after bystanders chased down the suspect themselves.

It started on Central Expressway, which is where police said 33-year-old Chet Wallace clipped a man riding a motorcycle.

“It was quite scary,” said Don Davis, a witness.

According to investigators, Wallace dragged the driver and his bike 600 feet down the highway before his SUV ran him over. Witnesses followed him as he pulled off the highway, onto Mockingbird Lane and into a busy neighborhood.

“He was dragging shrubbery and almost hitting parked cars,” Davis said.

The driver also came dangerously close to Stonewall Jackson Elementary as kids were going home for the day.

“He’s heading straight for school and I thought, ‘Oh my god, there’s kids all over the place up there,” Davis said.

But Wallace lost control of his car, skidded through a few front lawns and crashed into a tree. He then took off running.

“He was running in a very slow manner,” said Richard Fenn, who Wallace passed while fleeing on foot.

Fenn heard witnesses yelling for help and decided to give chase.

“He was a big guy, so he dragged me with him until he got to this fence,” Fenn said. “He’s up and I push him all the way over and I hold onto his leg.”

Other citizens joined in and hogtied the suspect with a nearby garden hose until police arrived.

The man on the motorcycle, 26-year-old Nicholas Cleborne, was still at Baylor Hospital in intensive care Wednesday night. He sustained several broken ribs, a collapsed lung and other injuries from the accident.

As for Wallace, police said he admitted to being intoxicated at the scene and was bonded out of jail and has been charged with intoxication assault with a vehicle.

That’s right, Hogtied with a garden hose! It’s nice to see when citizens stop everything to do the right thing and render help to fellow citizens and law enforcement. Nowadays, it’s difficult to find such stories about ordinary people, brave ordinary people, who does not hesitate to intervene to protect the innocent.

We have become so accustomed with “negative newsworthy” stories, that I think we sometimes forget about our common roots of decency. This is a kind of story that makes you feel proud to know, that at least on this day, the good guy prevailed. Great Job!

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