Posted by: edshannon | August 28, 2007

Lowering The Bar

Republicans are taking another hit on their “family values” reputation with the revelation of Senator Larry Craig’s lewd conduct in a Minneapolis airport men’s room. A charge to which he plead guilty to but now wants to take back. Apparently the third term U.S. Senator didn’t know that he needed legal counsel before doing so. Is that scary or what?

I’ve been frequenting men’s rooms in airports for many years, (I even went to one in Minneapolis last year) and this is news to me that funny business goes on in there. I’ve seen suspicious characters in public parks, truck stops and even at rest areas along the interstate, but never in an airport. Maybe it goes along with stranded travelers having a little more time on their hands.  (Sorry I digress)

Anyway, I’m in two minds about this story. On the one hand, I can smell a set up by a Democrat saboteur; while on the other hand I can easily see how another powerful person thinks that they are above the law.

Unfortunately, the lesson for us might be, that we should lower our expectations both for political parties and individual office holders; they obviously can’t live up to what most of us expect of them.

For those of us who voted Republican the past few decades because they championed our Christian values, it should be a wake-up call to the fact that these people will say whatever you want to hear to get your vote. They’re apparently no more interested in “family values” than they are in working through a holiday weekend to pass a bill.

If you ask me, one of the biggest mistakes conservative Christians have made is getting behind a particular political party to further their cause. For one thing, the Christian cause is much higher than politics. To lower it to politics must hurt God pretty bad as He is slapped across the face. For another, remember a “little leaven affects the whole.” Or as a friend of mind used to say, “you know what happens when you wrestle with a pig? You both get dirty.”

I was raised a blue-collar Democrat, switched to Republican when the dems agenda started embracing pro-abortion and normalizing sin by embracing homosexuals. Recently, I’ve struggled with some Republican issues, but feeling freer every day about being non-partisin.

Since no party has a suitable candidate thus far for the average concerned Christian voter, how about let’s keeping them guessing this year who we’ll vote for?


  1. You hit the nail squarely on the head, a politician will say anything to get elected! I think the Christians and other religious orders would do well to form a new coalition party that would really support religious freedoms and not just pay lip service to them during election periods.

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