Posted by: al66888 | August 20, 2007

Care to debate? Is it guns, illegals, neither or both?

Care to debate will be a new series that I will be writing. Basically, you can go to 1000 blogs and find someones spin on a story. I’m looking to do something different, but I need your help to do so. I’m going to pose a question based on recent events and then have people go at it back and forth debating their points of view. I hope you’ll participate, and come back often. I would like to hear both sides, and all arguments. Here is our first story:

Newark, NJ is just up north from me, maybe 1hr and 1/2 away.  Recently, we heard a horrific story of 4 young men and women, all in college or college bound, who we killed execution style.  Of course, the first reaction was understandably the notion that it was ‘gang related’ since Newark is a tough city.  Further investigation showed that the 4 victims were just good kids, trying to go to college and better themselves, and actually get out of Newark.  3 people have been arrested, and the motive appears to be robbery.    Out of the 3, the eldest was only 20 while the other 2 were 18.   That in itself is scary.  However, when we look further into the story, it gets even darker.   The 20 year old is actually an illegal immigrant from Peru.  

But wait, it gets worse…….. Apparently he has been arrested before. 

But wait, it gets worse………for molesting a 5 yr old

I find it strange however that the media coverage has chose to ignore the fact that he’s an illegal, and the fact that he’s a pedophile, and instead used this instance as a crusade against guns.   “If we remove the guns, then we can clean up the streets”.   

I find this appalling. First, the reporting or lack there of, and second, the fact that this has become a gun issue. Is it me or are the politicians and papers always targeting the wrong part of the argument?

So I pose the question to you- what really is the problem is this case? Is it the illegal immigration, the justice department, gun control, all of the above, none of the above, or something I haven’t thought of? Also, if you believe so, what does need to be done with our gun laws? The floor is yours…..


  1. It is the whole spectrum of criminality. You can’t accept some level of crime and think it ends there. Overlooking crime establishes for those that will commit it new boundaries to push. You accept people urinating in public why not drinking. Why not accept the bottle being tossed 50 ft. Why not accept that when said bottle hits someone they respond violently. When does it end ? Where did it start ? It is all interconnected folks. It feeds on itself.
    In Newark the place is a dump. The illegal suspects are immersed in illegality. Going one more step isn’t a big deal.
    Just remember the old saying. “In for a penny in for a pound”. When you are illegally residing somewhere what’s the big deal taking the next step and then the next….

  2. Big Media outlets are usually located in major metropolitan areas. Major metros think stricter gun control is the answer to their crime and violence problems. We run into the same problem with Chicago here in Illinois. They keep trying to find ways to abolish guns and make it difficult for the rest of the State. Just recently some gun control laws limiting the types of weapons that can be built in the State was pushed through the State by Chicago area delegates that banded with other Big city delegates. The new laws cost our area jobs (a company that built weapons used by the police and other protection agencies) that went across the river into Iowa. Other companies are also considering moving across the river to Iowa as the Illinois State legislature is still looking at imposing even tougher manufacturing laws because the Chicago legislators are screaming that the laws are still not strict enough.

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