Posted by: bohography | August 16, 2007

Liberals Will Lie To Win!

Since the main stream media, the democrat defeatists and their far-left puppet masters will do anything they can to keep you from thinking the troop surge is improving everyday, I thought I would share this information… I mean if we’re going to keep a daily count of how bad it is, then why don’t we keep a count of the good progress as well? Wouldn’t you want to know both sides of the story?

In February 2007, President Bush initiated the Troop Surge, the surge was one of the recommendations adopted from The Iraq Study Group Report. Remember, congress overwhelmingly approved the surge and Sen. Harry Reid himself said that he concurs with the Iraq Study Group’s recommendations. Well needless to say, the positive results of the surge were recognized immediately, even before the full strength of the troop surge had been obtained in July… But again, we didn’t hear about that now did we… Here’s a tally from February through April, just to give you an idea of all the lies that have been broadcast to us. Now the surge has gained great momentum and our troops continue to make tremendous strides.

2/1/07- One Foreign terrorist Facilitator killed, 29 others detained in a raid.

2/2/07- Coalition Forces capture the insurgents IED ring leader.

2/3/07- IED Cell disrupted 10 terror suspects detained.

2/3/07- Iraqi Army seize large weapons cache in Baghdad.

2/3/07- Four al-Qaeda fighters killed; 29 other terrorists detained.

2/4/07- Key VBIED cell leader killed; five VBIED terrorists detained in Mosul.

2/4/07- Iraqi troops, Mountain soldiers found the largest cache in Commando Brigade history.

2/5/07- Three terrorists killed, al-Qaeda cell leader captured.

2/7/07- Iraqi soldiers, U.S. troops find weapons cache near Abu Ghuraib.

2/7/07- Three al-Qaeda members captured.

2/7/07- Iraqi Army captures leader of Bombing cell.

2/7/07- Iraqi Army captures foreign fighter facilitator.

2/7/07- Senior IED cell leader captured, safe house in West Taji destroyed.

2/7/07- 13 terrorists killed in air strike northeast of Amiriyah.

2/8/07- Operation Black Eagle: Iraqi general says it was a “great success.”

2/9/07- Eight terrorists killed and safe house destroyed in Arab Jabour.

2/10/07- Large explosives caches found in Arab Jabour.

2/10/07- Local citizens lead Coalition Forces and Iraqi Army to weapons caches in a factory.

2/11/07- al-Qaeda military planner and 14 others captured.

2/13/07- Iraqi Army and the 2-7 Cavalry take down insurgent operation; solve a murder and uncover large weapons.

2/14/07- al-Qaeda network targeted; 27 terrorists captured.

2/17/07- Iraqi Security Forces capture two insurgent cell leaders in Baghdad.

2/17/07- Iraqi Security Forces find weapons cache in east Baghdad Mosque.

2/17/07- 21 suspected al-Qaeda terrorists captured.

2/19/07- Operation captures 49 terrorists, uncovers IEDs.

2/21/07- Seven terrorists killed, 13 captured in VBIED and foreign fighter raids.

2/25/07- Three day operation leads to 15 terrorists killed and an IED factory destroyed.

2/25/07- Senior al-Qaeda leader captured in Mosul.

2/26/07- al-Qaeda Emir and 14 others captured.

2/26/07- Coalition Forces discover large explosives cache.

2/27/07- 14 al-Qaeda members captured throughout Iraq.

2/28/07- Eight terrorists killed and six captured in raids. Iraqi Security Forces capture eight Mahdawiyah insurgent group members.

3/1/07- The Golden Dragons discover massive cache south of Baghdad.

3/1/07- Operation Saber Boss: Four weapons caches, ten killed and more captured.

3/4/07- Iraqi Forces capture weapons smuggler in Basra.

3/4/07- Air strike leads to a hostage rescue and weapons cache.

3/7/07- Terrorist facilitator, IED expert captured.

3/7/07- Strykers capture 22 terrorists and discover explosives and ammunition.

3/7/07- Operation White Rocket destroys two caches.

3/8/07- Seven terrorists killed during a raid on a VBIED Cell.

3/9/07- The “Butcher” Aq Media Emir captured.

3/10/07- Insurgent cell leader captured.

3/11/07- Iraqi Army stops 27 terrorists in As Sadiyah.

3/11/07- Foreign terrorist facilitators captured in raids.

3/20/07- National Police enter two mosques and seize weapons caches.

3/21/07- Five terrorists killed, factory full of explosives destroyed.

3/23/07- Kidnapped victim rescued, six weapons caches discovered.

3/25/07- Baghdad Eagles and Commandos discover caches and weapons facility.

4/5/07- 17 terrorists captured in raids.

4/6/07- Operation killed and captured 37 in Ad Diwaniyah.

4/8/07- Senior al-Qaeda leader captured in Baghdad raid; weapons cache siezed.

4/17/07- Operation Dixon: Nitric Acid cache seized, terrorists captured.

4/18/07- Operation Eagle Lightning nets terrorists and weapons caches, IEDs.

4/18/07- Chlorine bomb terrorists captured.

4/20/07- Chlorine tanks destroyed, terrorists killed in raids.

Harry Reid and friends are a disgrace to America! He has led the way in sending a message of weakness that only emboldens our enemies, because of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha, John Kerry, John Edwards, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, Chuck Schumer and other democrats using the partisan play-book, this will only invite danger for us for many years to come, just so they can re-claim power.

This is to all of the lefties who say they support the troops, attempt to cut-off funding and will never acknowledge that the surge is working, because they have invested so much in our military to fail…

When you give your next surrender speech, the phrase “Support Our Troops” does not mean for you to tell our enemy that we have lost the war, you donkey butts!!!

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