Posted by: bohography | August 13, 2007

Democrats Position On Iraq Confusing Voters

As the Bush administration continues to go forward with the Battle in Iraq, and as the troop surge continues to show progress, the Democrats are stuck redefining their positions…

For sometime now the Democrats have been using the debate theme “bringing our troops home.” So why the change now? Why is Clinton, Edwards, Obama, Biden and the majority of leading Democrats now are saying that they will not necessarily “bring the troops home.”

Is it because the Democratic front runners recognize that we cannot just walk away? Is it because the surge is starting to improve the security situation? Who knows, but isn’t funny how obvious it is that Democrats govern by the polls? If there is any slight change in public opinion, the Democrats try to get in front of it and pretend they were pushing the same thought all along. It seems to me that they are preparing for Gen. Petreaus’ report in September…

What happen to the anti-war candidate, John Edwards? Didn’t he apologize for voting for the war by saying “it was a mistake?” Didn’t Mr. anti-war say that he would get all the troops home if he were elected. Well as predicted, let the dancing begin… This is a quote from John Edwards in the Democratic debate in Chicago last week: “We’ve got to be prepared to control a civil war if it starts to spill outside the borders of Iraq, and we have to be prepared for the worst possibility that you never hear anyone talking about, which is the possibility that genocide breaks out and the Shi’a try to systematically eliminate the Sunni. As president of the United States, I would plan and prepare for all those possibilities.”

Now, I don’t know what rock Edwards has been living under for the past year, but almost all Republicans have said time and time again, that if we withdrawal prematurely, then we could witness possible genocide. Nice try pretty boy, but that bandwagon has already departed!

What about her thighness, Hillary Clinton? One of her famous quotes during these debates is “If this president does not end this war before he leaves office, when I am president, I will.” Remember that? However, Billary now is starting to side step (once again) her previous position. Just recently, Clinton said that there were “remaining vital national security interests in Iraq that would require a continuing deployment of American troops. The United States’ security, would be undermined if part of Iraq turned into a failed state that serves as a Petri dish for insurgents and Al Qaeda.” Hmmm, so now she will continue with troop deployments? Doesn’t sound like she’s going to bring the troops home anytime soon. Another lie from her thighness!

But wait, there’s more… Back in February, Billary was extremely vocal in making “bringing the troops home” her battle cry for President. Clinton said if she were elected this would be her “simple” message to the government of Iraq… Clinton: “I would say ‘I’m sorry, it’s over. We are not going to baby-sit a civil war.” So which position are we to believe? My answer is none of the above, you can’t trust a habitual liar. I should know, she was the First Lady of my home state for many years… Don’t let her fool you!

Oh, and let’s not leave out Mr. I wouldn’t have voted for the war if I was a Senator at the time Obama… That has been his whole campaign, but now Mr. Foreign Policy says that he would leave a military presence (which he will not say how many) to provide security for American personnel, fight terrorism and train Iraqis. Two questions for the Foreign Policy expert: If you are going to “bring the troops home” then why do you need security for American personnel? And finally Junior Senator, do you think our troops are over-there are playing ring-around-the-rosie? We are fighting terrorism, we are training the Iraqi military, so what is so different about your grand plan? That’s right, you want to “re-deploy” and wait until genocide take place, then you will send more troops back in…

Isn’t obvious to you that the Democrats are trying to stay ahead of public opinion? Isn’t obvious that the only difference with the current Democratic plan for Iraq and our current operations is that the Dems will move some troops into a different region and wait until all hell breaks loose, then we’ll just have to go back in and start all over. Compare that with what the Bush administration is doing… Instead of “re-deploying”, we are standing our ground, so that we won’t have to start all over and face an even worse situation. That’s the difference!

So here’s the choices… Democrats: Re-deploy some troops outside the region (not bring them home), keep some troops in Iraq (making a smaller number of troops in Iraq easier to defeat) and then send more troops back in when genocide starts up. Or…

Republicans: Maintain current troop levels and keep pushing forward in the hopes of achieving stability in Iraq.

No matter which one you choose, just remember that the troops will not actually come home until the mission is completed. Don’t let the “re-deployment” spin fool you, our troops will continue to rotate out, and will continue to deploy to the region. So if they’re going to keep sending our troops over-there, then don’t you think that it’s more reasonable to stay in the fight, preventing any kind of genocide and moving closer to stability, or should we just stand by and wait until enough Iraqis have been killed before we go back in and re-start from the beginning?

But I’m sure the Democrats will soon change their position again, then we’ll have even more great options to choose from. Either that or the Dems will do whatever they can to dilute any good news from Gen. Petreaus, lying to the public once again…


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  4. What are the democrats position on Iraq? Everything I read, hear or view is filtered through the liberal, left-wing and controlled media: informing me that they are against everything the President is doing but never saying what they will do if elected! “Pull all the troops out” is not a position on Iraq, Talk to Iran, is not a position on the country our brave military is trying to secure ever day.

  5. You’re right James, the Demwits do not have a plan, non-zilch-zero! Since they are clueless to the fact that this battle in Iraq is just one of many battles on the war against terrorism, they will just spit upon, degrade, disrespect and slander our brave military protecting us while they enjoy their pampered lives…

    Thanks for your comment,


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