Posted by: bohography | August 7, 2007

The Divided States Of America; Part 1

How can the mind of one American be so different from the mind of another? Is it how we were raised? Our life experiences? Maybe, because majority of Americans are not educated enough on today’s issues in an impartial way? What about what we perceive to be true? Is it how we believe? I’m guessing all of the above and then some…

Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Liberals, left, right, red, blue and so on. What are you? More importantly, what does it mean to you? What makes Democrats and Republicans think and believe so differently, when 88% are Christians? How can the overwhelming majority of Americans believe in the same God, the same bible and the same teachings, yet be so different?

Common sense tells me that if you believe in the Christian way, then all Christian Americans would be united. Maybe I’m wrong, I am no biblical expert, but to me, if you believe in the word of God, then there is no gray area, no room for interpretation. I mean it’s pretty much black and white, Christians do not get to pick and choose what they agree with in the bible, apply it to there lives, while disregarding anything else that’s not convenient to them.

Now, I’m no preacher and I have trouble with this myself, but don’t you think it’s odd that Christian Democrats and Christian Republicans are constantly in disagreement with almost everything under the sun? I cannot understand this for Christians?

It can be on almost any issue and a Christian Democrat and Christian Republican will have different points of view. HOW? Are Christian Democrats turning their backs on God if they believe in abortion or a woman’s right to choose? Are Christian Republicans turning their backs on God when we go to war? Who’s right, who’s wrong, are we all wrong? We’re not all right… Maybe some of you can shed some light on this for me, because it makes no sense that 88% of God’s children are so divided? Why?

To be continued: The Divided States of America; Part 2


  1. I’ll wait for post 2 to respond.

    BTW swing by my blog today, you might enjoy my recent parody post of Kerry and Edwards.

  2. Good stuff over at your site… I sent you a reply and I look forward to your thoughts on Part 1…


  3. […] we Americans or hyphen-Americans? Bo brought up an interesting question in his post Divided States of America, asking if everyone is here seeking the freedoms of America, how can we be so divided. It got me […]

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