Posted by: bohography | August 7, 2007

Good News For Surge; Bad News For Libs

Presidential candidates and Democratic leaders are beginning to worry… Worry about what you ask? They are worried that public opinion about the War in Iraq is starting to shift again. But this time, the opinion is not favorable for the “wave the white flag” Liberals.

Numerous reports (even the NY times) are showing that the troop surge led, by Gen. Petreaus, continues to make considerable progress. Progress that even supporters of the war could not forecast several weeks ago… With all of these positive signs coming out, my question is, does it matter? I’m not talking about if it matters whether we succeed or not, I’m talking about whether it matters or not on how much progress or positive reports we will hear, because the lefties will do whatever they can to counter any words of good news or chance of success. No matter how much progress might be reported in September, it will not be good enough with the left wingers.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Murtha, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton and all of the rest of the hypocrits who continue to undermine our troops need us to fail in Iraq. That’s right, they want us to lose! They have gone all in, banking on our military to lose the fight. They want our military to be defeated and the Dems will do whatever they can to come up with different ways to ensure of that. This is called defeatism, this is the Democrat’s foreign policy… Whether it’s cutting off funding for our troops, authorizing the troop surge, then turning around and pulling an all-nighter to end the surge, degrading the military by falsely accusing some of murder, or by calling our troops terrorists… These are just a few, but these type of tactics have influenced a lot of Americans for the worse and continue to divide our country.

Mark my word, the Democrats are preparing to fend off any news of progress that comes out of Iraq. The left media blitz will not cover the success as it should be and they’ll counter any positive news with more death and destruction. All of this is an effort to keep the public opinion down about the war, so the lefties can win upcoming elections. Simply put, it’s that cut and dry for the cut and run Liberals…

The left has become propagandists and puppets for ignorant far-left deskies who are trying to steer America into some socialized, hug a terrorist freak show. These are the same people the Democratic presidential wanna be’s visited and rubbed shoulders with this past weekend. Now you tell me why Clinton, Obama, Edwards and other lefties would appease to a web-based, anti-military, hate group like the clowns at The Daily Kos? These are the same group of extremists who were happy to see four U.S. contractors slaughtered in Iraq. It’s amazing to me that any politician would socialize with such people. Talk about scrapping the bottom of the barrel!

Each day the presidential election closes in, everyday the surge is showing progress, and everyday the left becomes more desperate to persuade public opinion, scratching, clawing, throwing their fits and cheating votes, so they can apply their destructive agendas. But I guess if your Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid and your congress approval rating for the war is at 3% then I would cry too.

I just hope that undecided Americans will see through all of this political theater and realize that no Democratic leader today has the courage or the strength to protect our country. But hey, if your an illegal alien, the sky’s the limit for you…


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  2. “They are worried that public opinion about the War in Iraq is starting to shift again.”

    It is a sad day when half our elected politicians are hoping AGAINST our victory and our military. And all because they hate G.W. Bush so much, and would be mortified to see this turn out well for him.

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  4. You’re right, it is sad and I might add, disgraceful! I will never understand that when are at war, whether agree or disagree, Americans should always seek victory… The thought that fellow Americans, American politicians would use the war to satisfy their advancement in politics, is pretty much treason in my book…

    Thanks for the comment, Bo.

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