Posted by: al66888 | August 6, 2007

New Jersey State Assembly Candidate linked to case for Jersey 6 terrorist

Three Mayors, from the towns of North Hanover (Mayor Lou DeLorenzo), New Hanover (Mayor Dennis Rohr), and Wrightstown NJ (Mayor Tom Harper), have sent a letter to State Assembly candidate Tracy Riley who is running in the 8th legislative district.  Apparently, Tracy Riley believes that the notoriety of defending suspected terrorist Shain Duka who was involved in a plot to storm the Fort Dix military base in order to “kill as many soldiers as possible”. A portion of the letter reads:

“In light of the circumstances, namely how close this issue hits home with residents in our Burlington County communities and the chilling details contained in the government’s case, we ask that you and your husband put the publicity and notoriety you would gain aside and reconsider your decision to represent Mr. Duka.”

There was an article on that goes over the story, you can read it here.

Now of course, the story goes back and forth with both sides crying politics, but I do find one of the quotes to be interesting.

“Our communities share a special bond with and affinity for Fort Dix and the brave men and women stationed there, and the thought of what these thugs were planning to do turn our stomachs,” the mayors wrote. “In light of your firm’s decision to represent this man, and as someone who is now running for state Assembly in the 8th Legislative District, we feel it’s imperative you answer some questions about how your penchant for defending lowlifes like this would affect decisions you make in the Legislature.”

I see how the assemblywomen herself is not the actual attorney, but rather just a clerk in the office. But there is a conflict of interest here. How is someone supposed to legislate from the assembly if their husband is profiting from the defense cases that may occur from them? I think there are plenty of cases for the law firm to take, and if she wants to be an assemblywomen, she should ask her husband to have the case reassigned.

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