Posted by: al66888 | August 6, 2007

Iraq Surge continues to gain support

According to the latest USA Today/Gallup poll, the surge is seeing a tremendous amount of support compared to what was seen just 1 month ago.

In the latest USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, taken Friday through Sunday, the proportion of those who said the additional troops are “making the situation better” rose to 31% from 22% a month ago. Those who said it was “not making much difference” dropped to 41% from 51%.

About the same number said it was making things worse: 24% now, 25% a month ago.

That is an awfully big swing figuring those that think it’s making it worse are pretty much the ones who are on the anti-war track and will be the least likely to change their mind. However, situationg better rose 10% while not much difference dropped 10%. Another month like this and they will be dead even.

Source: USA Today/Gallup poll


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