Posted by: al66888 | August 3, 2007

Speaker Pelosi— Where is the integrity you spoke of? Democrats cheat vote in House

In an unprecidented move on the House floor, the House Democrats that vowed to bring integrity back to Congress have called a vote before the final vote was tallied. You can view the video from Breitbart here. This is what is reported to have happened:

There was a call to vote to REMOVE the provision from the Agricultural Bill to allow ILLEGAL immigrants to received federal funding and benefits to help with job and housing placement

  • The vote came in apparently at 215-213 in favor to remove the provision
  • Without receiving the final numbers from the clerk, and apparently on cue (according to a House aid) of Democratic leaders, Rep Michael McNulty (D-NY) slammed down the gavel and declared the vote over and deadlocked at 214
  • Republicans were outraged that McNulty spoke over the clerk and did not use the clerk’s numbers
  • Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-MD) offered for a revote to reconcile
  • Arguing followed and when the bill finally came up for re-vote, the Republicans began to yell “Shame” and left the floor in protest.

Can someone tell me why the vote tally from the clerk was not used?  This is where the official vote is kept.  Even scarier, can someone tell me why our tax dollars being used to help people illegally in the country, came down to such a close vote.  I think that may be more of a story than the walk-off. 

The following day, there was nothing but an apology from the Democrats.  This is a video of the response to that apology from Republican Whip Roy Blunt

You can read the full AP story here

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