Posted by: bohography | August 3, 2007

Another Weak Liberal, Another Weak Foreign Policy

Another spineless democrat on Foreign Policy… Presidential candidate Barack Obama said Thursday that he would not use any nuclear weapons (including tactical nukes), in any situation or circumstance, in the War on Terrorism.

Obama: “I think it would be a profound mistake for us to use nuclear weapons in any circumstance…” Then Obama said, “Let me scratch that, there’s been no discussion of nuclear weapons, that’s not on the table.”

Confused? Me too! The last few days, Mr. Foreign Policy has baffled even most liberals. First Obama says that he will invade an allied country, who has nuclear weapons and is very fragile at the moment, then he says he will never use nuclear weapons even if it’s warranted. And to confuse us even more, with in a few seconds, Obama backtracks and says that the option has not been brought to the table? So, my question is would he use nukes if needed or not? If that option was on the table, what will he do?

This is another example why the next presidential election is crucial to our national security. Isn’t obvious that this inexperienced goof could not protect our country and our future. Is this the best the Democrats have for President? You got to be kidding me? Any half-way intelligent person knows that you keep all options open. The very instant that a Politician says that no matter what, even if our country was nuked, we won’t nuke you back, then you’ve just lost any measure of deterrence. Real nice, thank you Senator for continuing to make us look weak to the rest of the world. After hearing that idiotic statement, I bet all the terrorists around the world are holding their stomachs, because they are laughing so hard. No thanks to Obama, if he is elected President, then we’ll take another step back to the Jimmy Carter days…

And here’s another little tid bit of information for the next Dem who wants to show their weakness… It’s not good practice to broadcast any military operations for the enemy to hear. How irresponsible can you be Mr. Junior Senator? Please tell me that all Democrats don’t think this way. Not only is Mr. Foreign Policy stirring up trouble with Pakistan, but he’s giving terrorists indicators of how we would operate if he was in command. And one more thing for this inexperienced, ignorant Junior Senator… When you telegraph what we will do, then you put our troops in harm’s way… Real smart doofus!

For the sake of our country, I hope the American people will take the time to seriously think about the consequences of having a weakling in the oval office, signing away our future… No to nukes, but let’s invade a fragile country with religious fanatics who are trying to gain access to nuclear weapons to wipe out the west… Sounds like a plan Mr. Foreign Policy Know It All, you’ve got it all figured out. It’s too bad you weren’t around for all of the wars, I bet our enemies could have used your help…


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