Posted by: al66888 | August 1, 2007

Can someone PLEASE tell me why we are arming the Saudis??!!

As you know, here at the CSC we rip on the D’s and the R’s.   Recently it’s been the D’s for their stance on the war in Iraq, so today we’ll shift back over to the President of the United States.  Sometimes Bush does some things that just make you think – What is he thinking?  He pardons Scooter Libby, but not Compean and Ramos- He stands strong on Iraq, but refuses to secure our border- and now this headline

US to offer $20 Billion Arms Deal to Saudis

Right now, even our do nothing Congress is complaining the Saudis are not helping the American effort in Iraq.

Administration officials say the arms deal is largely a response to improvements in Iran’s military capabilities.

Has this strategy ever worked? The strategy is ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’. I have a few problems with this, first, because they are also the enemy of the US. The have refused to cooperate with the US, they have sponsored terrorist activities, and had ties to 9/11. Remember, the Saudi Prince offer $10 Million to NYC after 9/11 that Rudy Guiliani ha nded back and refused to touch. According to reports, 60% of the insurgents in Iraq are either Saudi or are being supported by the Saudis.

If anyone remembers history, we have tried this many, many times. Think back to Afghanastan. Afghanastan was invaded by Russia, and we could not allow Russia to move towards world domination. What did we do? We backed the rebels in the area, supplied them with arms, and helped them drive back the Russians. Do you know who was one of those rebels? That’s right- Osama bin Laden. As soon as they were done with Russia, those weapons…OUR weapons, were turned back at us. They’ve been pointed at us ever since. It’s bad enough we cannot get off our oil dependence of the Middle East and we are basically funding their countries…now we have to arm them to? Say no to weapons to unstable countries. If you are a Republican, do not back George W Bush on this one, contact your Congressman.


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  2. This is what I’m talking about- how about those weapons in Iraq!

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