Posted by: bohography | July 30, 2007

Sen. Feinstein On The Right March

( It is rare these days in polarized Washington to have Democrats and Republicans agree on anything.

But the odd moment happened on July 17 when Diane Feinstein, the very Democratic senator from California, chaired hearings of a Judiciary Committee panel on the imprisonment of U.S. Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean.

The two were arrested following a shooting incident along the Rio Grande River in Texas on Feb. 17, 2005. Mexican national Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila entered the country illegally in a van carrying 743 pounds of marijuana. When confronted by the two agents, he scuffled with them and tried to flee back across the border. The agents opened fire. Aldrete-Davila was struck in the buttocks, but continued to flee.

The agents later said they saw a shiny object in Aldrete-Davila’s hand they thought was a gun.

Ramos and Compean were convicted on several charges, including assault with a deadly weapon, obstruction of justice – for failing to properly report the incident – and a civil rights violation, although they were acquitted of the most serious offense, assault with intent to commit murder.

In October, Ramos – who was nominated to be Border Patrol Agent of the Year – was sentenced to 11 years and one day in prison, and Compean received a 12-year sentence.  Continue reading the article here

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