Posted by: al66888 | July 27, 2007

How are illegals getting protections that citizens are not afforded?

Small PA town needs our help!  

The town of Hazleton, PA is one of the many small towns throughout America that are under siege from illegal immigrants.  We have posted before about these small towns (like Farmers Branch, TX- and how the lives of hardworking American Citizens have been turned upside down.  I am from the Philadelphia area, so this one is pretty close to home.

First, a little background.  After having serious issues with crime from illegal immigrants and seeing the town’s population grow by over 50%, Mayor Lou Barletta drafted the Illegal Immigration Reform Act. To give you just a basic understanding of the bill, its goal was to prevent landlords from renting, and business owners from hiring, ILLEGAL immigrants. So, all it did was say, it is not legal for you to hire someone who is not eligible to work legally in the US- and it is not legal to give residence to someone who is not legally in the country. Seems pretty basic.

Well, of course, our good friends at the ACLU have taken up the case against the city of Hazleton, and you won’t believe what has been going on in this case. As of right now, the city has lost the most recent court battle, even though they vow to appeal. Two things about this case’s latest decision will make your head spin:

  • First, the ACLU attorney proposed, and the judge agreed that removing the illegal immigrants would put a strain on our foreign relations and that we should seek advise from foreign countries on how to craft these laws.

Take a moment, let that sink in, and remember to breathe, so your head doesn’t explode. Strain on foreign relations? They are illegally in our country, meaning they have no respect for our laws.  Advise from foreign countries?  Since when did this stop becoming the United States and instead we simply live in North America.

  • Second, the defendants (city of Hazleton) were never confronted by those who brought the lawsuit against them. This is a direct violation of the 6th Amendment to the United Stats Constitution.  

The Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right of someone accused of a crime to be confronted with witnesses against him. This right is usually termed as the confrontation clause.

The reason the accused was not confronted by those against them? The are not legally in the county and were afraid that they would be deported. No US Citizen would be able to bring forth a lawsuit without having to identify themselves, so how can someone who is here illegally do the same? We need to know why a man is allowed to be considered a judge (who is guided by the US Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land) if he violates basically legal amendments of that Constitution.

We at the Common Sense Conservative need your help. We are asking that you post this story to your blog and spread it around to as many people as possible. (We will be posting all blogs that have added this story). Because today it may be a small town in PA, but tomorrow it will be in your home state, maybe even your home town.

Please visit Mayor Lou Barletta’s site, Small Town Defenders.  Here you can sign an on-line petition, and make a donation (for you know the ACLU has deep pockets and this case will not come cheap). Mayor Barletta has vowed to take this all the way to the Supreme Court if need be, and he needs our support.

The donation page is here


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  7. I am not sure a mayor has the right to make laws that override federal authority in matters if immigration. That is a legal issue of federal jurisdiction. I do not thing the city has the right to claim jurisdiction over immigration issues. There are already federal laws against hiring illegal aliens, so why are those not enforced? As far as I know, anyone is free to rent property or buy property in the United States and many non-residents do by property such as for investment purposes. Whether or not they have the right to permanently reside on that property is an immigration matter.

    But, unlike some countries, we do not force people to provide proof of residency or nationality before letting them buy or rent property on a federal level. If we did, then people could not even do holiday rental businesses of their apartments with tourists from other countries and it would put a restraint on the property market for investments and free trade. Better to enforce existing federal laws to deport illegal immigrants in the way that is already provided for.

    I don’t think the article shows that Americans are being discriminated against by this decision – it seems to me the mayor needs to learn how to bring in the right people to get existing laws enforced.

    The judge seems ridiculous, to state we should consult other countries for how to make our own laws.

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