Posted by: bohography | July 20, 2007

Protecting A Chrony In The Face Of Heroes

After a speech today in Nashville, TN, President Bush gave praise to U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton for his aggressive prosecution of Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramo and Jose Compean.  Two days ago, rogue prosecutor Johnny Sutton was hammered by the Senate Judiciary Committee for his actions in the over-reaching and harsh conviction of the two agents for the shooting of an illegal alien drug smuggler.

Members of the Chamber of Commerce raised the questions about the case after his speech, Bush would not promise a pardon or commutation for the two agents, even though an overwhelming majority of lawmakers are demanding it.

Bush: “I’m not going to make that kind of promise in a forum like this,” Bush said. “Obviously I am interested in facts. I know the prosecutor very well, Johnny Sutton. He’s a dear friend of mine from Texas. He’s a fair guy. He is an even-handed guy.”  There it is, the real reason why Bush hasn’t pardon these two heroes.  He can’t go against his good friend, his chrony.  He sure has alot of chronies to defend these days.  Mike Brown, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Chertoff, Wolfawitz, Libby and now add Sutton to the list.

Johnny Sutton has long been associated with Bush. In 1995 through 2000, Sutton served as Bush’s criminal justice policy director when he was Governor of Texas. 

Prior to Sutton’s appointment of U.S. attorney, he was the policy coordinator for the Bush-Cheney ticket during the President’s first election.

Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California and Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas sent the President a formal letter requesting a commute for their sentences.  Currently, there is a bill in the House, with over 100 co-sponsors signed on, calling for a congressional pardon.  However, Bush gave no signs that he was feeling pressured by congress or outraged Americans.  Sounds like he’s ignoring us again…

Bush: “I know this is an emotional issue, but people need to look at the facts,” he said. “These men were convicted by a jury of their peers after listening to the facts as my friend, Johnny Sutton, presented them. But anyway, no, I won’t make you that promise.”  Why does he have to keep telling us that Sutton is his dear friend?  Something doesn’t smell right here…  Huh, Mr. President, Scooter was convicted too?  Oh, that’s right, he’s a dear friend too and you have no idea who Ramos and Compean are…

Just to refresh your memory, Sutton offered illegal alien drug smuggler, Aldrete-Davila immunity from prosecution for the attempt to smuggle 743 pounds of drugs to distribute into our society.  In return for the blanket immunity, the illegal alien drug smuggler would provide testimony against the two border agents.  Oh, I forgot to mention that the illegal alien drug smuggler was also given a visa, with no restrictions to cross back and forth from Mexico to the U.S. during this whole time…

The Judiciary Committee Senators fired at Sutton for applying U.S. Code 924c, a statute in which is designed for people who are in possession of a firearm, with the intent of using the firearm in another crime.  That’s right, this law does not apply to law enforcement when they’re in the performance of their duties.  They have to carry a firearm, this would only apply if they would have been off duty committing a crime.

U.S.C. 924c carries a mandatory 10 year minimum sentence.  And in case you weren’t aware, Sutton admitted to Sen. Feinstein that the jurors never knew about this mandatory 10 year sentence.  The sentence went into effect after the jury convicted the two agents.  The Senators also questioned Sutton on why the jury in this trial was never informed about an alleged subsequent drug-smuggling offense by Aldrete-Davila.

In the Senators letter to the President, Feinstein and Cornyn wrote that the hearings held ”confirmed the concerns raised by many members of the public; that this penalty levied on these agents is excessive and that they deserve the immediate exercise of your executive clemency powers.”

“Ramos and Compean have now been in prison for more than six months, Agent Ramos has been physically assaulted while serving his term and the agents’ request to remain out of prison while their appeal was pending was denied by the Fifth Circuit. Both agents will remain incarcerated for many more months, even if their conviction is ultimately thrown out unless action is taken quickly.”

A woman in the audience spoke to the President saying, ”there’s a resolution in the House, H.R. 40, with a number of our Tennessee delegation signed on to that…, will you pardon these men that are unjustly imprisoned?”

Bush answered with, “you’ve got a nice smile, but you can’t entice me into making a public statement.”

So this is where it stands, unless the congress and outraged Americans will demand the President to stop protecting his chronies and start protecting American heroes…  It baffles my mind, to think that Bush did not hesitate to commute Scooter Libby, who served NO TIME, but he will hesitate to commute two brave men, who up to this point, has served 6 months in solitary confinement…  I guess this is what we get for stopping Bush’s amnesty bill…


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