Posted by: al66888 | July 18, 2007

Its now time for Congress to pass meaningful Immigration legislation

The latest reports from the FBI show that al Qaeda is planning to try to hit the United States this summer and show that there has been a lot of activity and chatter like they saw before 9/11. 

Now, in correlation with that, ABC’s blotter has reported that the FBI is investigating an illegal human smuggling ring that has been bringing over Iraqis and others Middle Eastern individuals for over a year.  According the report, these people are paying $20-$25,000 to be smuggled across, which leads you to believe that these are not displaced refugees fleeing the war. 

It just goes to show you the incompetence of our elected officials and the severe urgency to protect our borders NOW.   Call or write you Congressman, we don’t need comprehensive reform, we need action.  We need our borders locked down, illegals deported, and everyone that is entering our country needs to be checked.  We can’t listen to lies anymore: obviously it’s not just the poor looking for a better life ($25k!), it’s not just Mexicans crossing the southern border, and the border is still a major problem!

Please do not let another 9/11 happen before D’s and R’s can cast aside their differences for the good of the country.   You can read the blotter article here.



  1. They have already packed up their baseball and went home on Illegal Immigration problems.

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