Posted by: bohography | July 18, 2007

Iraq: Stay & Fight Or Genocide?

First, we need to get away from calling this the “Iraq War”.  A War on Terror, yes, but not a War on Iraq.  This is a battle, just like the battle in Afghanistan.  I see it as the first two battles of the overall War on Terror.  We are not fighting the countries of Iraq or Afghanistan, we are battling the terrorists who are in those countries.  We have become accustomed to labeling this as the Iraq War for short, most of us are guilty in this regard, myself included.  But the more I think about it, the more I see that the terminology of our operations have become skewed and misinterpreted. 

In any military procedure, proper terminology is a key ingredient for executing an accurate message of operations and progress to the American people.  With that being said, I feel the President and his fellow Republicans for awhile now, have not conveyed the proper message to the public.  Additionally, the left has found a niche market in the anti-war movement to counter the administration’s lack of communication, by further dividing our country.  Otherwise known as political theater, starring Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, written by the likes of Moveon and other far left defeatists…  

Second, just for conversational purposes I would like to use an illustration for this Battle in Iraq that could shed some light on those who are pushing for defeat or for those who are having a difficult time deciding whether to surrender or stay in the fight. 

Put aside the politics for a minute, we are in Iraq, no matter if your for it or against it, we’re there.  Now, picture Iraq from a different angle, picture Iraq as a cancer… When a doctor is faced with a patient who has cancer, there are certain actions that he or she must take.  Many of you know what I’m talking about, many of you have experienced cancer through a loved one or maybe you have faced this trauma yourself.  

With cancer, doctors and patients are faced with high risk procedures that need to be done in hopes of removing this killer.  However, if the doctor doesn’t provide the necessary treatments then the patient will suffer more pain and could possibly die.  But the patient wants the doctor to do whatever he can to save them from this taker of life.  Whether it’s surgery, radiation or chemo therapy, it can be risking or it may not even work.  But in the end, conducting these treatments increases the odds for removing this killer.  If the cancer can be put into remission or removed completely, then the patient may enjoy the rest of their lives in peace.

We can all agree that Iraq is a high risk situation…  However, if we were to leave now and stop the treatments of the surge, then the cancer, the terrorists, will remain to eat away at the patient, the Iraqi people.  Would a doctor abandon his patient and leave them to die?  Of course not, a doctor has a morale and ethnical obligation to do whatever he can to find the right treatment.  If the first treatment doesn’t work, the doctor will redirect his efforts to locate a treatment needed to fight the cancer.  This procedure will be continuous until the patient is back on their feet and living their lives.

Right now, the surge is improving everyday, the treatment is taking affect.  Gen. Petraeus has pin pointed the right anecdote to fight the terrorists and help the Iraqi people from these killers.  So what do we do?  What is our morale obligation?  Do we just stop what we’re doing, abandoned the Iraqi people, and let the cancer, the terrorist take a hold of them?  Or do we stay by their side and root out these cancerous cells? 

What is our morale responsibility?  If we leave, experts say that Iraq will become 10 times worse than the crisis in Darfur.  10 times!  If we leave, an estimated 2 million Iraqis could be killed in a short period of time.  If we leave, an estimated 2-5 million Iraqis will become refugees that will spill over to neighboring countries.  If we leave, Iraq will become the safe haven and launching pad for terrorists around the world.  If we leave, Iran will move in and take over the entire region again, dominating the area and handing over nuclear weapons to other terrorists, with America as their primary target.  If we leave, we will go down in history as the nation that was defeated by terrorists, because Americans defeated themselves through division in policy.  If we leave, our defeat will become the greatest marketing tool for future terrorists for decades to come.  Children in the Middle East will learn of this through text books and story telling.

So the choice is yours… Because the politicians who have jumped on the ant-war bandwagon will only listen to the loudest voices.  They will continue to govern by the polls, no matter who it hurts or who it will kills.  If we leave, will the anti-war movement take responsibility for future genocide in Iraq?  If we leave, and all hell breaks loose, will you still blame the President?  If we witness the predicted mass killings, will the anti-war crowd want our military to go back in, like they want us to do in Darfur?  

What does your morale compass tell you?  If you were the patient, would you want the doctor to just give up on you and walk away?  Or would you want him to treat you, no matter the risks, because you know that in the long run you will succeed and have a brighter future?  If you were an Iraqi, would you want our military to leave and walk away and allow the terrorists to slaughter you and your people?  Or would you want them to stay, no matter the risks, because you know that in the long run you will succeed and have a brighter future? 

What is our obligation?  It’s your choice…            

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