Posted by: al66888 | July 17, 2007

Who are the Democrats working for: The American People or

I have no idea what the Democrats are doing.   If you are a registered Democrat, I would love some input.  We hear all the time about plummeting poll numbers of the President, but those of Congress are much lower, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)has the lowest numbers of anyone.   

Since they have gained control of Congress, the only thing they have been able to pass is a minimum wage bill (unless you want to count all of the brilliant ‘non-binding’ work they’ve done to help Americans).  So tonight becomes the latest in a stunt to show the Anti-War crowd that we are beholden to you, and will do your bidding.  Senator Reid has called for an all-night cloture vote to bring (yet another) troop withdrawl and surrender bill to the floor.  

There’s just a few, small problems:

  1. Both the Senate and House have already tried to pass this bill under various forms and names. 
  2. It has NO shot of becoming law, and will never gain enough support to override any type of veto. 
  3. A story was published today- YES TODAY- from the AP which is entitled Al Qaida may use Iraqi network to hit homelandYes, that’s right, they want to remove the troops from the same area the terrorists would like to use to set up base camp. 

Tonight, a group that is based on all things that anti-America, is planning a candelite vigil- Coincidence? 

This party has become synonymus with the anti-war movement, and it’s the reason their poll numbers continue to drop.  NO ONE LIKES WAR, NO ONE WANTS OUR TROOPS OVERSEAS, EVERYONE WANTS OUR TROOPS HOME!  However, we don’t live in a perfect world, and there are people out there that want to destroy our freedoms.  If we leave, the war does not end, it only moves to our home turf, and moves our brave men and women from a position of offense to that of defense.

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