Posted by: al66888 | July 17, 2007

American’s say- Media Leans Left

We’ve shown countless times the way news is delivered based on agenda rather than as an information source.  We even pointed out in an article that you could take 3 separate news sources, look at the same exact story, and see it portrayed 3 different ways.   Now, since I wrote that post, 1 of the articles has since been changed, but you can take a look at it here

Last Friday, Rasmussen released their latest poll on how Americans feel about media bias.   A previous poll showed how Americans do no trust the media.  Their overall approval rating was nearly 10 points lower than the President, and only a couple of points higher than our wonderful Congress.  This latest poll may she some light as to why people don’t trust the media. 

In a recent Rasmussen poll, nearly 40% of the responders said that the 3 major networks- ABC, NBC, and CBS- had a liberal bias.   Only 25% of the people believe that there was no bias in the news.  Oddly enough, 25% was the same approval rating that the TV/Newspaper industries received.  Almost 60% of those surveyed said that the media leaned 1 way or the other.  Those are very strong statistics, when 4 of every 10 say that the media leans left.   

This however, is not news to us.


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