Posted by: al66888 | July 13, 2007

The Dems show their true color- yellow not blue

It’s July, the 7th month of the year, and it’s almost 1/2 way over.  In ’06, during the mid-term elections, the American people voted to have the Democrats take control of Congress and lead the country in a new direction.   Problem is, there is no leading, and the new direction appears to be “stop”.  

Instead, this new Congress, and I would actually go on to say the whole of the Democratic party (obvious few aside) have invested in the defeat of our Army and the emboldening of our enemies.  They continue to try and vote on Iraq, tying up the Congress instead of moving forward to debate and discuss important legislation and changes.   Not that I am saying that the war in Iraq isn’t important, but we already know the outcome on this vote.  It’s been voted on numerous times and every time it is, the same thing happens. 

  • The vote passes by a slim margin
  • The vote is split almost entirely among party lines
  • The vote comes nowhere near the amount you need to override the potential veto (which you know will happen)

Let’s take a look at the story, which is linked here, showing that the House voted 223-201 to withdraw the troops.  Out of the 223 votes to withdraw 219 of them were Democrats.  Out of the 201 votes against the withdraw, 191 were Republicans. 

Now, let’s take a look at a different story from MSNBC that is linked here.  Do you see the difference in the story?  Not in the reporting, but the actual story.  Seems like the same thing right?  Take a look again- look at the vote 218-212.  Take a look at the date – March 23rd, 2007.   WE HAD THIS VOTE BEFORE.  It’s done, you don’t have the support for the bill, move on.   (Hmmm- move on, I should attach a .org to that) My personal favorite part of the story- MSNBC actually breaks down this failed bill with a whole section called Pelosi Victory.

So at the end of the day, what have we accomplished?  Nothing.  Unless your accomplishment is to try to appeal to the anti-war left wing of the country as the election cycle will begin to heat up.  The Democrats are now beholden to defeat.  Even though every time one of these votes comes up you hear the Iraqi government, the Iraqi ambassador to the US, and those who have intimate knowledge of the jihadist thought process beg the Americans not to turn and run.  I think Obama should tell Hillary that on June 24th, 2008 he’s going to drop out of the Presidential campaign, we’ll see how well that goes over.   

Next week I’m going to break down the reasons why we are in Iraq- the actual reason for the war, the arguments to stay, to leave, and to change the course.  It’s a shame that our media does not give you the reasons, and our politicians are too busy pandering to actually go out and explain their positions. 



  1. Haven’t you gotten the memo yet that your Oval Office-approved talking points aren’t taken seriously by anyone anymore?

    If by “anti-war left wing” you mean the 70% of the country who wants the troops to come home immediately to very soon, I’ll agree. Otherwise, you’re just a typical neocon sheep.

    But seriously, your pathetic nonsense has really helped out the Democratic cause, which is to lead the nation effectively. 2006 was the first wave. Keep it up! We’ve got a big election to win next year, and we need all you blowhards to help us out again!

  2. Brad, I love your posts to my blog. If I could figure a way to file them under humor I would. Either that or idiocy.

    Let’s go paragraph by paragraph.

    1st one- I know it must be difficult to read when blinded by hatred, but do me a favor and count how many pro President Bush articles there are on this blog. And guess what, that’s YOUR oval office too. Well, that is, if you’re an American.

    2nd one- 70% of the county? Where do you come up with these stats? That’s odd that you would say that but the liberal media would write diferently. Take a look at this Rueters article

    The article heading is Americans Tired of War in Iraq, split on withdrawl.

    3rd- My pathetic nonsense? I turned my back on the Republicans in 06. What did you do? Oh, so is it your pathetic nonsense as well?

    Your leadership is socialists, you have 0 solutions, your D controlled congress continues to plummet lower in the polls. You talk about leading a nation effectively- where is the leadership? What has your party done to make you so proud and happy to be a part of it? You offer no alternatives, no solutions- just nothing but freedom taking socialism.

    The left better hope they take control this time. The way the blue state populations are either dwindling or standing still, it’s only going to be another generation or so before they will become irrelevant, and the Democratic party will hopefully return to a party of virtues.

  3. Brad,
    Can you explain why your “First Wave” the democratic controlled congress has a 71% disapproval rating? I am trying to remember how you are leading the nation effectively. So far your “First Wave” congress has tried to pass bills to defund the war, to dictate how the war should be ran, give amnesty to Illegal immigrants and don’t forget about your policy of defeat and surrender. Oh this is why they have a 71% disapproval rating. If you think you are going to really win in ’08 you are going to need Bill not Hillary Clinton to run again.

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