Posted by: bohography | July 13, 2007

Halliburton Defends Illegals, Boycotts A Town’s Deli

The Lone Star Diary:

Dave Mooney, owner of the Blue Star Deli in Farmers Branch, Texas, is feeling the backlash of his support of Farmers Branch. Dave has been in the forefront of support, opening up his cafe for all types of activities to support Farmers Branch and what that city has tried to do to stop the harm illegal immigration is doing.

News has surfaced from Halliburton employees that a boycott has been called by the Hispanic and pro-illegal employees. Although, Dave didn’t have a contract for business lunches, he did receive orders to provide business lunches from time to time. These orders have now stopped. Also, it is being reported that Hispanic radio stations are broadcasting a boycott of the Blue Star.

Dave is experiencing a 50% decrease in sales receipts due to this boycott and has now taken a second job. The call is out for all of us do what we can to help Dave. If you are in the area, stop by and have one of Dave’s good hamburgers, tell others about the Blue Star Deli.

Here’s a little background to this story:  The town of Farmers Branch has been overwhelmed by illegal immigrants; crime rates have climbed, the economy has declined and many legal residence have moved.  Just recently, Farmers Branch voters cleaned house and elected local politicians that would put a stop to the burden of illegal immigration. 

The local politicians and the overwhelming majority passed an ordinance that says it is illegal to rent or sale residency to illegal immigrants.  However, a Clinton appointed judge has blocked the ordinance because a small number of pro-illegal activists and the ACLU have contested the ordinance by the people and are now suing the town. 

The reason the Blue Star Deli is being boycotted and shunned by Haliburton is because the deli hosted conservative radio talk show host, Mike Gallagher.  Gallagher broadcasted his show at the deli to help raise money for the legal defense fund that Farmers Branch needs to fight off the ACLU and pro-legal activists.  So, the wheels keep turning, illegals continue to overwhelm this town, a judge has sided with criminals and now the giant Halliburton, is trying to squash the little man.  Why would Halliburton do this, you ask?  Isn’t it obvious why they are supporting illegals, it’s all about the low wages baby!  Do I need to say more?

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