Posted by: bohography | July 12, 2007

Noble Peace Prize Winner Threatens To Kill Bush

According to James Ragland of the Dallas Morning News, Former Nobel Peace Prize winner Betty Williams came a long way to give President Bush a piece of her mind.

She flew into Dallas from Ireland to give the keynote address at the International Women’s Peace Conference last night. “Right now,” she said, “I could kill George Bush.” Then she conceded that it would be a tough trick for someone advocating nonviolence.

That’s mighty tough talk from the woman who created a group that helped start peace talks in Northern Ireland — an effort that won her the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976.

My take on this:  No matter how you feel about a sitting President, there is one thing that I think Republicans and Democrats will agree on… There is a line that Americans should never cross when we talk about the President of the United States.  We do not and will not threaten to kill our President!  We will not even joke about it… We will not invite violence and we will confront those who do.

This is not the first time this Noble Peace Prize Winner has threaten President Bush.  According to reports, in 2006, Betty Williams said the exact same thing in front of a group of school children.  Earlier today, radio talk show host Mike Gallagher confronted Williams about her threatening language.  After Gallagher questioned her about the remarks and her recent history of threats, Williams finally admitted to the claims.  She admitted to them only after she tried to spin the conversation toward the Iraq War.

After hearing these threats, we think that the Secret Service should step in and investigate whether Noble Peace Prize Winner Betty Williams is a true threat to our President.  Would you agree? Or do you think this is over the top?  What do you think would happen if Williams was standing next to a law enforcement official when she made those threatening remarks?  What if instead, Williams said, ‘right now, I could blow up an airplane”? What do you think would happen?

Is this what you say as a promoter of peace?  Is this what you say to our school children about their President?  Give us your take… What do you think, if any, should be done with this so-called Peace Lady?

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