Posted by: al66888 | July 11, 2007

Is the GOP crumbling? And is the Left starting to really scare anyone?

I’ve been hearing about the end of the GOP ever since I can remember. “This is it, they are done, say good-bye to the Republican party”.  It’s actually been said so many times, over some years, that I simply laugh.  Then I got to thinking a little bit – would the collapse of the Republican party be so bad?  I mean, lets take a look at what some of our Republican friends have done since America trusted them and placed them in power.

  1. They have spent out of control
  2. They have supported a horrible amnesty bill
  3. They introduced a bankruptcy law that was partially written by the credit card companies
  4. They have fought (term used loosely) a horrible war in Iraq.  Which is being fought not to actually win, but rather not to lose (which will eventually spell defeat)
  5. And there are many others, but you get the point

I mean, this party DESERVED to lose the mid term elections, they DESERVED to lose control of Congress.  They ran on campaigns and campaign promises that they have not kept.  They abandoned their base and their conservative principles.  What part of this party is redeeming?  What part screams- yes, this is who I want to lead me. 

But then when you look deeper, you say, what happens if we lost one party?  Now, I believe there should be more than 2 parties offering more choices, but let’s be realistic, that’s not going to happen, at least no time soon.  There are actually 100s of other parties in existence right now, you just never hear about them unless your tied to their ideology because most do not appeal to the masses. 

I think it’s good that the Republican base and the Independents that may have voted Republican are starting to show their disgust and abandon the party.  But what I find equally amazing, is the failure of the left to leave the Democratic party.  Actually, it seems like they are more ‘sharks’ then ever, and there’s blood in the water! 


If you look at the liberal institutions like a Democratic controlled Congress and the Drive By Media, you’ll find that both of these ‘organizations’ have lower approval ratings than the President.  So are Republican and Conservative supporters (not the party itself) the only ones out there that actually care for the good of the country instead of the power struggle? 

Think about it.

Go on to a leftist blog, I typically do just to see what people are talking about (and to amuse my own sick sense of humor).  You will see mostly vitriolic, end the right and their evil regime, posts.  They don’t offer solutions, they don’t offer alternatives, and they sure don’t criticize….their own that is.    If you see a criticism on a leftist blog its that Pelosi hasn’t impeached the President by now.   The Dems have control of Congress and can’t get 1 thing done.  Nothing.  What has been accomplished since Jan 1.  I already know what the response will be- ‘because the Republicans and their cronies are blocking important legislastion’.  You see, it’s never their parties fault, they do no wrong. 

I think one of the best examples of this is the Amnesty bill and it’s effect on Senators.  3 Senators are (1 is now a were) front runners for their parties Presidential nominee.  On the D side you have Obama and Clinton, and on the R side you have McCain.   All 3 of them voted for the Amnesty bill that 80% of Americans were against.  There have been countless rallying cries to remove all of those who voted for this, but only 1 party seems to be listening to that cry.  Right after that McCain lost most of the support that he had in an already crumbling campaign.  (Yes, it has nothing to do with Iraq, check out Rudy and Thompsons’ views, don’t let the drive-bys fool you, do your own research.  If you need further proof, see Lieberman vs Lamont)  However, on the D side, who are running 1-2 in every poll?  Who has taken control of their primary?  Obama and Hillary, it’s a 2 horse race.  There is no backlash from a party who does not care about what’s best for the country, but only cares about power, and the more the better!

In a day and age where our government is held in an all-time low esteem, they are trying to make it bigger.  They want to follow in Europes’ footsteps and create more government, more government programs, and then that government will take care of everyone.  It’s socialism, and if you don’t believe me, read the Communist Manifesto by Marx and then go back and look at the campaign promises. 

  1. Universal Health Care
  2. Every Candidate has promised to RAISE your taxes
  3. They voted against the removal of the Death Tax
  4. They support the Inheritance Tax
  5. Government Controlled Work Conditions and Markets
  6. The Fairness Doctrine
  7. And the list goes on and on

I don’t know what the answer is, maybe the Republican party if it gets back to it’s principles.  Maybe the Democratic party, if more of the Blue Dog, Conservative/Moderate Dems take control.  Maybe it’s an independent, but I have yet to see he or she out there (and no, Bloomberg is not an independent, he’s been involved with both parties and he’s an insider).   All I know is, at least 2 parties offers you a choice.  If there is only party- it’s Communism, but I think that is what the left really wants.


  1. Drive By Media? Do we have Dittohead in the house?

    And for the communism thing, you don’t by any chance listen to Jason Lewis as well?

  2. Ha ha- I will admit, I stole that from Rush. I absolutely love the term because I think it’s so true. There was a huge article out the other day about how McCain was Iraq’s first victim. It’s amazing how they draw conclussions based on their political side instead of doing any actual fact finding and reporting.

    As to Jason Lewis, no. To be honest with you, I’ve never heard of him. I actually just got done reading the Manifesto and was doing some research on Russia’s Socialist agenda and found it eerily similar to the top Democratic candidates’ platforms.

  3. I’d say that the left is crumbling just as bad as the GOP. As conservatives, we cannot lose faith in the ideals and values of the GOP. People like Luger, McCain, and Specter probably deserve to be removed from office, but I can’t say I’d give up on the party altogether. There’s a lot of excitement coming from the Ron Paul camp, the Romney camp, the Brownback and Huckabee camps. Conservatives still exist out there. But if we get someone like Giuliani in office, the GOP will lose its credibility among conservative voters.

  4. My compliment to al66888. I recently received a phone call from the NRCC requesting another donation. I have to admit my answer was “no way!”. I’m one of the people that of whom Al is speaking. I’m a conservative who does not care to wear the label of Republican. As for the Democratic Party, it is likely the more selfish and ignorant of the two parties, but not by much. I am sorely disappointed in the Bush Administration and it’s ineffectiveness in dealing with illegal immigrants and unfair trade practices. Democratic leadership is at best an oxymoron and at worst out-right dangerous to America’s future. It seems that both parties are only concerned about acquiring power, not that they understand or are willing to use it to manifest the wishes of the majority of Americans. If there ever was a good time for a third party, it is now. I know the electoral system is stacked against such a noble effort, but the quest for and the realization of a viable third party may be the only saving grace left to and the American public. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the likes of business leaders such as Gates, Buffett, Welch and Dell were to throw their clout and creative energies behind Bloomberg and Lieberman and initate what could then be a viable third party that represented mainstream America? It’s not a perfect answer, but there are no perfect answers. With such players, can you imagine a more dynamic and results-oriented team?. There are alternatives to the current and sad process, we need only embrace those who are willing to step outside of mainstream politics to represent mainstream America.

  5. al66888-

    Jason Lewis is on talk radio here in Minnesota. He basically made the same argument the other day on the radio.

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