Posted by: al66888 | July 10, 2007

Vacation Over- The idiots in Washington return

There’s something great about the 4th being a Wednesday this year.  It afforded many people the opportunity to take a few extra days either before or after the holiday and stretch out a nice long weekend.  It was good to get away and remember the things that make this country great:

  • The Declaration of Independence (obviously)
  • The Constitution that guides us
  • Our men and women who serve this country
  • Our Freedom, to do pretty much whatever you want, however you want
  • Our prosperity

I spent a long weekend down the Jersey Shore, and realized just how much we have.  I sat on the beach, and looked behind me at absolute monsters of houses that drape the coast line providing their owners with pristine views.  It is something we take for granted every day.  A guy I know, who is an immigrant from Ireland (legally) who owns his own business, and makes a ton of money said it best, “Everyone here in America has it so good, they can’t even see the opportunity in front of them.  You guys don’t work as hard to get ahead because you have no idea what it’s like to have nothing.”  He’s all so right. 

It was nice to turn off for a few days-to get a way from the news, the negative press, the ‘America is Lost’ crowd.  Another good thing was that the idiots in Washington were also on recess. 

But it doesn’t take long for them to let you know they’re back……

While Mahmoud Ahmadinejad puts out a 90 minute video telling his country that Iraq (That is the Islamic State of Iraq to him) is the keystone to the caliphate, our Congress is back in playing politic games and trying to destroy anyone in it’s path.  Why worry about the global implication of Iraq when we can go after Alberto Gonzalez.  Why secure our border when we can pander to a voting block.  

Same story, different day…….welcome back.

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