Posted by: al66888 | July 3, 2007

Not Left vs Right- Right vs Wrong

Our faith in government is at an all-time low.  We say no to an immigration bill, and the Senate continues to give it CPR.  We don’t trust anyone, and without trust the system doesn’t work.  We don’t trust our Congressman, because they never seem to follow through with campaign promises.  The real money in their campaigns don’t come from you and I.  Heck, most of America doesn’t even vote let alone donate.  Those huge dollars come from big corporations and special interest groups who look at these candidates as investments instead of leaders. 

We don’t trust our government, because they are constantly getting caught in lies.  The whole Scooter Libby thing got me thinking.  I know a lot of conservatives are saying, “yes, the President is finally doing right”.  And though I do feel that it was a witch hunt, and they couldn’t prove anything wrong, he did perjure himself.  If you’re innocent, there’s no need to lie.  Perjury is a crime, and it should be punishable.    But then again, our leaders live about the law.   Take a look at these two:

Scooter Libby– who albeit shouldn’t serve 30 mos, but should serve something.  Like I said, if a jury has found him guilty of perjury, then guilty he is, and he should serve a punishment fitting of the crime (isn’t that what our justice system says?). 

Former President Bill Clinton– This is why I like to call myself the common sense conservative, you’re common sense needs to guide your ideals.  For all of those out there who were up in arms about the President lying under oath, where is your outrage over Scooter Libby? 

Once again, this becomes a Left vs Right issue, not a Right vs Wrong.  The President of the United States is supposed to be a leader and a man of character.   But no one cares about character if you’re on their side.  The right was up in arms with Clinton who perjured himself under oath.  The left did everything they  could to defend him.  That same left was up in arms over Scooter Libby, and guess what, that same Right did everything to defend him. 

When will politics be pushed aside and character restored?  Will there be another “Honest” Abe?  Or just a bunch of —we’ll protect our guys and attack yours.  It is party first, ethics second.    Everyone is a hypocrite- take a look at D’s vs R’s

  • Obama (D)- “This is exactly the Politics we must change”
  • Snow (R)- “A pardon is not out of the question”
  • Pelosi (D)- “the President shows his word is not to be believed”
  • Thompson (R)- “I am very happy for Scooter Libby” (this is the only honest opinion)
  • H Clinton (D)- “in this administration, cronyism and ideology trump competence and justice”
  • W Bush (R)- of course, he is the one that has to give the executve pardon.

Competence and Justice?  Let’s take a look at the former President Bill Clinton’s pardon sheet from the US Dept of Justice.  I can’t even believe that it’s that long!

The long and short of it, they’re both wrong!  Wrong for lying, wrong for attempting to deceive the people and the courts.  Wrong for breaking the trust of the American people.  What happened to the President of the United States that you sat your son on your lap and talked about his great deeds and character.  Where has that man gone?

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