Posted by: al66888 | July 2, 2007

Earth to McCain- it’s about Immigration

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) was supposed to be an early favorite for the Republican bid for the presidency.  Though he was touted higher by the press, the conservative base did not seem to care much for McCain, even giving the early lead to Giuliani.   You see, it is the base, and not the whole of America that votes in a primary.  They are the people that support a party, and they are definitely either left or right.  Democratic candidates need to appeal to the left in order to win their bid, then come more center in the general election.  Same holds true for Republicans, only their appeal has to be more to the right.  And John McCain is no conservative. 

McCain now trails in both polls and money, and even had some staff quit over his stance on a horrible immigration bill.  Now, the cuts are even deeper, as the campaign cannot keep up and momentum stalls.  And stall it should.  Partnering up with the likes of Ted Kennedy is no way to appeal to your base.  Though McCain, who is more moderate and even liberal sometimes, gets good press, he fails to realize that the press works for the other team.  While it may help him with the general election, it falls upon deaf ears come primary time. 

What I do find odd is the reactions the parties have had towards their candidates’ stance on immigration.   There are 3 Senators running for the POTUS who voted for the bill- McCain (R), Clinton (D), and Obama (D).  80% of the population opposed this bill, and vowed that any Senator who voted for it would be removed in ’08.  So why is it that only McCain is taking the hit?  In studying the two parties it seems clear that the Republicans want to distance themselves from this bill, and they don’t care who goes down in order to make that happen.  The Democrats however seem to be the party favoring amnesty, and they don’t care what their politicians do, they want the power.  That’s a sad state of affairs.  Both Obama and Clinton should be shunned for voting for this bill, just as George W Bush has been brutalized in the polls.  I know that Harry Reid stood up there and said that this was the President’s bill, but this bill was introduced by Ted Kennedy, one of the Democrats top guys. 

So was it all talk?  Why is there still overwhelming support coming out of the party for these two individuals (and will the general population abandon them if either wins the primary?).  If either is elected, you can expect to see more of the same in terms of immigration bills and illegal pandering.  I don’t know if this is ideology or simply playing politics and taking the other side to win the Hispanic vote.  Either way, it is not good for the country.  All 3 of these candidates need to pay for their vote, whether they have a D or R after their name.  They are not leaders. 

You can click here to read more about McCain’s struggling campaign.

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