Posted by: al66888 | June 29, 2007

Score 1 more for the People

Yesterday was a big win fro the American people.  A horrible immigration bill that would have cost Trillions (yes, trillions!) of dollars, was shot down.   And now, the backlash will begin, and it will be interesting to see what happens to the candidates that voted for this bill- especially since 3 of them- McCain, Obama, and Clinton, are all running for the presidency in ’08. 

Yeaterday,  momentum continued for the voice of America, this time in the House, and not the Senate.  Here, a new bill was introduced, and voted on 3 to 1 in bi-partisan support to prohibit the FCC from using taxpayer dollars to impose the Fairness Doctrine.   The vote was not even close, with a final tally of 309-115.  This is big, because Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill) said on Tuesday that the government should revive the Doctrine.  He was backed by Hilary Clinton (D-NY), Barbara Boxer (D-CA), and John Kerry (D-Mass). 

The fairness doctrine is basically a violation of free speech and a constraint on the open market.  It says that each program would have to have equal viewpoints for every 7 minute segment.  But who is the judge of fair?  Will it be every party?  Go take a look at a sample ballot next time you get one, sure you’ll have the D’s and R’s, but you’ll probably also have the Socialist Party, Green Party, American Nazi Party, Marijuana Party, and the like.  I wonder if all of these groups would get ‘equal’ time.  I think it’s funny that the fairness doctrine goes after talk radio, which is about 90% conservative.  It somehow fails to go after the Networks, Cable News, and the major Newspapers of the country.  

Somehow that doesn’t seem fair.

There’s a way to combat the imbalance……create a good counter-product.  If you have a good product, that people like, and agree with, people will listen.  Where people listen, advertisers flock, and you have your fairness.  The radio waves are about ideas, they are not a commodity in which someone can monopolize.  If you don’t like whats on there, don’t listen.  It’s known as the free market, it’s known as capitalism. 

You can read the full story here


  1. You’re ignoring the fact that conservative domination of talk-radio represents an absolute FAILURE of the free market. Oops!

  2. lol! You don’t understand what free markets are, do you?

    Free Market does not mean equality for all companies. It means you’re all given the same chance, what you do with that is up to you. Should Apple give 1/2 of it’s iphone’s to Microsoft? No, if microsoft wants to compete, they can build a product and go to market with it.

    The domination of talk radio means that it’s what people want to hear. It’s not like steel or oil, and only cone ompany has it, so they have created a monopoly. Liberals have tried, just most Americans don’t buy their viewpoints, and their personalities aren’t very engaging.

    They tried with Air America- it went bankrupt. No one is keeping them from the market but themselves.

  3. Brad, you just contradicted yourself! A free market means just that, it is free for any medium to put forth a format of their choosing. Just because conservative talk radio dominates the air waves doesn’t mean the it’s a failure of the free market… It’s just the opposite, it dominates because the format of conservative talk radio is popular and entertaining, they found a niche that alot of Americans enjoy. Liberals have the same opportunity as conservatives with talk radio… Just because Liberals, for some reason cannot succeed in this venue doesn’t mean that it’s a failure of the free market, it’s a failure of the Air America’s of the world. They didn’t succeed because their format was terrible and people were turned off by their views. However, Alan Colmes, a huge Liberal has a successful radio program, what about Al Sharpton, he too has a talk radio program? They might not be as popular as some of the others out there, but they are successful in their niche market. And if you really want to talk about a failure of free market, just turn on the TV… NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and PBS, all liberal driven programs, with Liberal reporting… The only TV station conservatives have is Fox News, and they consistenly dominate in the ratings… Why is that? Because believe it or not, the majority of Americans agree with their reporting over the other programs slanted views. Just like majority of Americans were against the amnesty bill, liberals and conservatives. So if your going to complain, make sure you tell the whole story about the free market and how American’s choices are the reason why some programs dominate and others fail! Free market means free choices and the public chooses who’s successful…

  4. So then riddle me this. How is the government giving the airwaves to corporations a “free market?” They’re supposed to be in the public domain, which would in itself constitute a free market. However, government literally GAVE access to the airwaves to corporations, the vast majority of which are right-leaning. Now, gee, that doesn’t sound very free market, does it?

    Just another market failure, like health care, global warming, etc, etc, etc…

  5. What corporations are you talking about? Give instances of your statements… For laughs, let’s say you are right, don’t you think this happens on both sides of the isle or it’s all “right leaning” as you say? Now if you want to go in-depth with this, then how about George Soros? This guy and his businesses filter money into Air America to keep them on the air, Soros and MoveOn are the puppetmasters for the democrats, through money and intimidation… And not to mention, Soros is now intertwined with NBC and MSNBC, specifically Keith Olberman. Now who’s influencing who? Whose giving access to who? whose allowing for a free market? Anything that you say about the right, it also happens on the left. Now, healthcare, yeah it needs some work, but we still have the best healthcare system in the world and I hope your not a universal healthcare supporter, if so, I urge you to do some research… Global Warming, nobody really knows… There are many Scientists who say their is indeed Global Warming, however, there are just as many scientists who say it’s false and the earth is going through a cycle. Just because a documentary was made by a Vice President doesn’t mean it’s true… There is always 3 sides to the story and somewhere in the middle is probably your best option…

  6. wow brad, you’re really beholden to the left. You’re buying everything they are selling, it’s a real shame. You should do some research and don’t let these .org agencies, who sole purpose is to spin fact to promote an agenda, trick you with their spin.

    I live in South Jersey, I’m in the Philly DMA, our talk radio is based out of there. WPHT runs Beck, Rush, and Hannity. Do you know who owns WPHT? CBS Radio. Is this the mega right wing corporation you’re talking about? Have you ever watched the CBS Evening news- it’s a keystone of the conservative movement (right….)

    There are plenty of free airwaves, go ahead right now and start your own left leaning radio program. What’s stopping you? Maybe the fact that anything that leans left is failing. TV viewership to the networks- down, to the cable news stations- down, to the nations leading newspapers- down, and on the airwaves- bankrupt.

    Your idea of a free market is one in which your ideals dominate. Who wins and loses has nothing to do ‘free’, its the opportunity that matters, and you want the gov’t to come in a control that opportunity…..that’s called socialism. If you want that, Cuba is only 90 mi off the coast of Fl, I heard it’s a socialists heaven.

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