Posted by: al66888 | June 28, 2007

Congratulations – YOU DID IT!

Amnesty Bill Cloture vote fails again, and it is all because of the will of the American people.  The capital switchboard received more calls then the Dubai Ports deal.  In the vote today,  the bill failed cloture 46-53

This is a defeat for R’s like Bush and Mel Martinez and for D’s Like Ted Kennedy and Reid.

This means that this bill will be dead for a minimum of 2 years because next year is a presidential election.

Thanks to all who stopped by this site, and used the numbers posted on it.  It’s truly a victory for America, a victory won by the people.




  1. And Republicans are going to be paying for that defeat for a long, long time. Thanks for the new progressive majority!

  2. brad,
    Can you clarify? I can’t tell if you’re happy, mad, sarcastic, etc. It’s hard to read into your comment, thanks.


  3. It was evident that most everyone from both parties wishing to be reelected voted against the bill. According to the USA Today 2/3 of those Senators facing 2008 elections voted against the bill. The problem is the people pushing the legislative atrocity are attempting to run up the white flag and surrender to illegal aliens. Instead of listening to what the citizens were telling them they are just shelving reform. When what the people are telling them is they want Border reform. They want the US borders fixed. It is asinine to even talk about integrating any of the illegal aliens until the border leaks are fixed. Their is a heavy Bipartisan ignorance that seems to forget you cannot keep your home’s interior dry until you patch the leaks. The problem is this disaster is so far away from the next election that too many will forget that three of our POTUS candidates, Clinton-Obama-McCain voted for this abomination. Somehow the names of the 46turncoats who tried to sell out this country need to kept front and center of the publics attention.

  4. brad never clarified, but I was on his blog and he seems to be a guy that leans left. I thought this poll was interesting in terms of your comment. I actually was very surprised to see this, I thought if anything this would hurt.

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