Posted by: al66888 | June 26, 2007

Senate 1- Citizens 0

The Senate voted today 64-35 to help end the debate on Admendments.   This is the first step towards the realization of the Amnesty Bill.  

Now, there are good and bad things to take out of this:

Bad- it passed, if this was shot down, the bill would be dead in the water

Good- this is not the final cloture vote as most people think (and is being reported).   This was a vote just to stop the period of time to offer ammendments, and to begin a 30 hr debate on those ammendments. 

Good- after the debate, there will be a 2nd vote of cloture on Thursday (keep your calls, emails, and faxes coming).  Why is this good?  It’s a 2nd opportunity to squash this bill. 

Good- the winning side only had 64 votes.  Why is this good?  They need 60 to pass, so only 5 people need to change their minds or not get their way on their proposed ammendments  for this bill to be defeated. 

The Senate wins this battle, but until they sign this into law, the war is not over.  Please continue to contact you senators.  Your Congressman’s phone number can be found at:



  1. What a betrayal… I hope conservatives are taking note of the amnesty senators who turned their back on the American people. It is very frustrating to know that our government ignored 88% of Americans who do not accept this bill. Instead, they chose the rights of illegals over true Americans! We must keep the intensity going and turn up the pressure on the conservative backstabbers… Hold’em Accountable!

  2. It is very discouraging to think that this bill still has a chance to pass. Do they not realize the burden that this will put on true American citizens? The only good thing is that I am hopping that some of Congress voted for the bill to try and get their own spin to the bill put into discussion and if their way of wanting to handle it is not accepted they will vote against it come Thursday. At least one can only hope that this is the case. I will definitely be calling my Congressman’s office this afternoon.

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