Posted by: al66888 | June 22, 2007

Must Read of the Day: A look at the polling numbers…..ALL the polling numbers

In a recent post I asked people to go to Google and type in poll numbers and see if you don’t get a listing of President Bush’s poll numbers.  Now, I’m not huge fan of the President right now, and I feel his drop in the polls is completely justified.  I don’t like what he and the Republicans did about spending (when they were in charge), I don’t like his immigration policy, etc, etc. 

But all I see out there are news organizations railing on the president and how bad his numbers have plummeted.  What I find to be almost hilarious, is that the poll numbers of both Newspaper and Television News rank lower than the President, as well as the Democratic Congress that those papers/stations support.   So, let’s not take a look at one number, but instead, lets look at the entire Gallup poll.  (Read the full article here)

The President (and once again, don’t take this as me defending the guy) is above TV and Newspapers- organizations that are supposed to produce unbiased news and have final editorial say in everything they produce.  Also, Congress, which is now controlled by the Democrats, has not only fallen below the Republican held Congress, but to the lowest mark in Gallup’s history. 

Let’s stop reporting 1/2 the story, or more accurately, a small piece.  The only think that you can read from that data is that BOTH parties, and ALL branches are failing the people.  No slant, no spin, BOTH parties are failing the American people…..and that is scary.   (I do love however that our military is still held in highest favor)



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