Posted by: al66888 | June 22, 2007

Judge bans the word ‘rape’ in trial

What is going on with our judicial system? 

First, a CA judge said the phrase ‘family values’ could be considered hate speech, and now in NE the words ‘rape’ and ‘sexual assault’ cannot be used against a man who is accused of…you guessed it, sexually assaulting a woman.  His reasoning?

“Rape” is not even a legal term, he noted. And while “sexual assault” is, that references something only the jury can determine, he said.

“Under the rules of evidence, witnesses can’t reach legal conclusions,” he told the newspaper.

So, let me get this straight. If there is a man accused of robbing a bank, we will not be able to use the words/phrases- robbery or armed robbery because it’s the jury’s job to figure out if there was a robbery? This goes beyond madness.

Could you even imagine if this was a friend or loved one who had gone through this ordeal, and had to come up with political correct terms to try and describe her horror?

“In my mind, what happened to me was rape,” said Bowen, 24. “I want the freedom to be able to point (to Safi) in court and say, ‘That man raped me.'”

Bowen testified for nearly 13 hours then, when “victim” and “assailant” also were banned, and said the impact was “huge.”

I can’t even comment any further on the madness- I don’t know why our laws are constantly being written, and our judges constantly evoking judical activism, that always goes in favor of the criminal. When we will protect the innocent, hard working, law-abiding citizens instead of the criminals that prey on them?


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