Posted by: al66888 | June 22, 2007

al Qaeda fights till the death while Iran enriches uranium

In Iraq

al Qaeda is said to be fighting ‘to the death’ in Iraq according to one US General. 

Thousands of U.S. soldiers on the offensive north of Baghdad are facing fierce resistance from hundreds of al Qaeda militants who are ready to fight to the death, an American general said on Friday.

And the story goes on to show some of the horrors that are going on in Iraq

He said residents led soldiers to a house in the western part of the city that appeared to have been used to hold, torment and kill hostages. Soldiers destroyed it.

“When you walk into a room and you see blood trails, you see saws, you see drills, knives, in addition to weapons, that is not normal,” Bednarek said.

Here’s the story

Meanwhile, back in Iran…..


Are they or are they not enriching uranium? It’s interior minister said that they have stored 100kg of enriched uranium. However, a senior nuclear official said that the figures are not correct.

Iran has refused U.N. demands to halt enrichment, a process that yields fuel for nuclear power plants but can also provide material for weapons if the uranium is refined to a much higher degree. Tehran says its goal is purely peaceful electricity.

You can read that full story here.


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