Posted by: al66888 | June 21, 2007

Michael Moore could go to jail over ‘Sicko’

This is just to funny not to post, because I can’t stand this one man propaganda machine.  There are two things that are just too funny in this article

Moore hired a boat and took a group of ill 9/11 rescue workers to Guantanamo Bay in the hope of getting them the same healthcare as Al Qaeda detainees, after learning they get free teeth cleaning, eye care and nutrition counseling

Hasn’t Moore and the like been railing against Gitmo- and look at the amazing treatment of the detainees- teeth cleaning, eye care, and nutrition counseling.


“There’s a law that says that we cannot, as citizens, travel to Cuba or do trade with Cuba… trading with the so-called enemy.

Now, Michael Moore doesn’t care too much about America, so I guess he has no regard to it’s laws.



  1. more on Moore:,8599,1635192,00.html?cnn=yes

    This guy is out of control… He absolutely has no regard for the law.

  2. well, he’s officially been served a subpoena

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