Posted by: al66888 | June 19, 2007

Senate Dems look for tricks, while House Dems look for solutions to immigration

A Tale of 2 Houses

First, the bad news.  The Senate continues to try and push this horrible immigration bill down our throats.   And now, Senate Democrats have a new plan- the ‘clay pigeon’.  It’s actually nothing new, but its usually used to actually slow down the works and defeat a bill instead of trying to push it through

Democratic leaders hope the complex maneuver – which makes use of the Senate’s labyrinthine rules to insist on votes on amendments – will frustrate conservatives’ attempts to derail the embattled immigration bill, instead putting it on a fast track to passage next week

Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said he would revive the bill to legalize as many as 12 million unlawful immigrants late this week. To do so, though, he needs backing from 60 senators, and a way to guarantee votes on a tentative list of 22 Republican and Democratic amendments whose consideration is seen as vital to satisfying key waverers

Under the tentative plan, Reid as early as Friday would launch his target – an amendment encompassing all 22 proposals – and shoot it into its component pieces. The Senate would then vote on ending debate on the immigration measure, which would take 60 votes and limit discussion of the bill to 30 more hours. After that interval, all 22 amendments would have to be voted on, with little opportunity for foes to interfere.

Meanwhile, back at the House…

The House Democrats have come up with a novel idea for their bill….split the bill into parts, debate those parts, and pass the ones that everyone agrees on (ie Border Security), and then work on going back and forth to amend the rest to get that passed.

There is active, serious discussion in that regard,” said Rep. Alcee L. Hastings, Florida Democrat, who said Democratic leaders tossed the idea around at a recent meeting. “The idea is out there, and there is listening going on by the leadership in regards to immigration on trying to come up with something that is doable, sensible and plausible to the American people.”

We already have a series of rules and laws in place, I am not sure why we need ‘comprehensive’ reform. What we need is for someone to enforce the current laws, and secure the border, that’s what is needed.



  1. Some more of what we are up against, this is an article I found on another blog- The South Today

    Take a looke at this part:

    In February 2006, Benitez was arrested on three counts of car burglary and two counts of attempted theft. Nine months later, he was arrested on charges of public intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Convicted on the three charges, Benitez spent seven days in jail.

    Why again was he not deported? And why again are we arguing this terrible piece of legislation?

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