Posted by: al66888 | June 19, 2007

Good Fence/Bad Fence

Some of the crazy stories from the border that make you wonder- Why haven’t we built that fence yet?  How about these two stories that just show how insane the thinking along the fence. 

First, Illegal immigrants are starting forest fire to sidetrack US agents.  The second, border fence threatens critters and eco-tourism.  It’s enough to make your head spin.   Would those same critters be better off is their environment wasn’t on fire?

U.S. Border Patrol agents seeking to secure the nation’s border in some of the country’s most pristine national forests are being targeted by illegal aliens, who are using intentionally set fires to burn agents out of observation posts and patrol routes.

The wildfires have destroyed valuable natural and cultural resources in the National Forest System and pose an ongoing threat to visitors, residents and responding firefighters, according to federal law-enforcement authorities and others.

The fires correspond to a dramatic rise in assaults against Border Patrol agents — up more than 100 percent over last year.

The story goes on to tell of the amount of damage done to the forests, the amount of marijuana that has been seized, and the amount of illegal activity crossing the border. But what about our eco-tourism market? I’ll tell you what, if someone sneaks across that porous border with a nuke, the migration of the North American Butterfly may be interrupted permanently. Nature is incredibly strong and adapting, it was here before us, and it’s going to outlive us.


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