Posted by: al66888 | June 19, 2007

Citizens to the Gov’t- which is it, are they a threat or not?

I think the theme of today is the conflicting information that is out there.  Well here’s another one that will drive you nuts.  First, ABC news states that they have video taped evidence that suicide teams have been sent to the US and Europe.  The video shows approximately 300 men in what appears to be a training graduation.  Those men were supposedly sent to US, Canada, Britain to carry out their acts.

Recently following that report, Homeland Security says that al Qaeda is not an imminent threat to the US. 

a U.S. official said that the video appears to be part of a propaganda mission, as other cameras are seen at the event.

Either way, can someone tell me how the cameramen and TV crews can always find these things, but we cannot?



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