Posted by: al66888 | June 18, 2007

Latest News from the UK

Is it me, or does it seem like at the very end of a political cycle, the person leaving office always tries to do something radical.   And that something seems to be contradictory to whole premise of what that person stood for during his time in office.  Take George W Bush, who was placed in office by gaining the support of America’s conservatives, who is now trying to push a horrible immigration bill, opposed by 3/4 of Americans, before he leaves office.  The same thing is happening across the pond, where soon to be replaced Prime Minister Tony Blair is trying to push through legislation that would turn part of Britain’s power over the failing EU

French and Dutch voters rejected the original plan – which would hand Brussels the power to represent individual countries at the UN and change national laws – two years ago.

Britain’s voting rights would be reduced by a third under the scheme and our hard-won veto on European directives would be torn up. Britain could also lose the right to impose quotas on immigration

It appears that this will be the next step in what will eventually be the collapse of Europe. Countries no longer hold a sense of pride and nationalism, but rather are looking to give the final say as to what happens to their citizens to some other country. That’s scary.

Elsewhere, a comissioned report states what everyone already knows, that the BBC is bias towards the left in its reporting.

The BBC has failed to promote proper debate on major political issues because of the inherent liberal culture of its staff, a report commissioned by the corporation has concluded. “There is a tendency to ‘group think’ with too many staff inhabiting a shared space and comfort zone.”

Let me guess, we’re going to waste a bunch of money to come up with the same conclussion of the New York Times? Save my taxpayer dollar please.



  1. This is absurd. Both countries have lost their sanity. I will include you in my nightly prayers for your safe keeping.

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