Posted by: al66888 | June 18, 2007

Father of scientific climatology calls global warming “hooey”

The guys is saying what we’ve been saying here all along(only he has all the degrees and credentials, something we here at the CSC lack):

The UW-Madison professor emeritus, who stands against the scientific consensus on this issue, is referred to as a global warming skeptic. But he is not skeptical that global warming exists, he is just doubtful that humans are the cause of it.

There is no question the earth has been warming. It is coming out of the “Little Ice Age,” he said in an interview this week.

“However, there is no credible evidence that it is due to mankind and carbon dioxide. We’ve been coming out of a Little Ice Age for 300 years. We have not been making very much carbon dioxide for 300 years. It’s been warming up for a long time,” Bryson said.

The Little Ice Age was driven by volcanic activity. That settled down so it is getting warmer, he said.

Here’s a guy who just follows the facts, my favorite part of the article is this:

So, if global warming isn’t such a burning issue, why are thousands of scientists so concerned about it?

“Why are so many thousands not concerned about it?” Bryson shot back

“There is a lot of money to be made in this,” he added. “If you want to be an eminent scientist you have to have a lot of grad students and a lot of grants. You can’t get grants unless you say, ‘Oh global warming, yes, yes, carbon dioxide.'”

It’s all about the almighty dollar. Don’t think so? Ask yourself how many companies and products you’ve seen going ‘green’.  Is it because they believe in environmental causes?  Surely, to an extent.  But the real reason is bottom line dollars and cents.  If I can market my product as green, I can sell more. If I can stir up emotions and fears over the environment, I can make millions with my movie.


  1. I love the word ‘hooey’
    Anyway, isn’t it amazing that the bigger media outlets are not reporting this story? No one wants to hear it. They turn a deaf ear. Why? Like you said, it’s all about the almighty dollar. I watched the Comcast building ceremoniously pull up the last beam yesterday with a tree on it. Signaling to everyone their willingness to go ‘green’ w/their new building. How bout that? It’s like a new fad all the cool kids are doing.

  2. Everything is about the almighty $. That’s funny you bring up the Comcast building. They were supposed to be the tallest ‘green’ building in the country. However, the stronghold that the unions have on the city of Philadelphia is rediculous. Mayor Street brokered a deal where the ‘flushless’ toilets all had water lines connected to them even though they won’t be hooked up. The did this at the cost of millions of dollars that went to the plumbers union and for the supplies. So even when a company tries to go green, a politician is going to make sure he gets his.

    A copy of a story which I believe originated in the Philadelphia Inquire.

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