Posted by: al66888 | June 13, 2007

The PC files

3 interesting stories for the PC Files, one good, one bad. 

Finally, in Minneapolis, MN, common sense starts to pull through.  Muslim cab drivers have been denying passengers entrance to their cabs if they have been drinking or they are carrying alcohol, neither of which are a crime. 

The commission that runs the Minneapolis airports in May began enforcing a new policy allowing it to revoke the licenses of drivers who refuse to ferry passengers carrying alcohol — something that has happened to 4,854 travelers trying to get a cab at Minneapolis International Airport in the last five years.

Omar Jamal, executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center in neighboring St. Paul said:

“They believe they have been forced into something against their faith, something against their religion.”

Forced? No one is forcing any of these men to drive a cab. If there was a job that I thought was a conflict of my beliefs, I wouldn’t take the job or I would find a new one. It’s called personal responsibility.

And then our poor friends across the pond

First, they are basically looking to further destroy the work ethic of the country. Take a look at this blog for the story.

And 2nd, they are trying to removing all compeition from the children’s environment. No longer will we have tug of wars, but maybe tugs of peace. And that’s just the beginning

Something — actually a quasi-official national body — called ‘Sports England’ proposed eliminating games like sack races, three-legged races and egg-and-spoon races from kindergartens and nursery schools in order to prevent children learning a competitive ethos, proposing problem-solving exercises instead. The government also supports banning games of musical chairs at nursery schools because they may lead to aggression,” and of course somebody is always left out.

Hopefully, these young members will grow up and not know how to compete in the business world- that should really help the UK and the world economy.


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