Posted by: al66888 | June 13, 2007

Eco-idiocy #2

Continuing my thread of eco-idiocy, here’s the latest from former President Bill Clinton

Mr. Clinton recently told a Washington audience that to be more energy-efficient, America must engage in “relentless home improvement,” including resorting to sod roofs, which are far cooler than tar roofs in the summer.

How is going back to archaic architecture a home improvement? Could you imagine the weight of that roof after the first rain? Or how about that roof in a drought? Someone pointed out an easier solution:

“There is a simple alternative, which I have done to my own house: Paint your roof shingles white! I live in Houston, which is even hotter in the summer than up north in Washington, D.C. After I painted my asphalt shingles white,the temperature drop was dramatic.

“Years ago, commercial buildings had already traded black tar roofs for white or light-gray coloring. In the last couple of years, yellow school buses(with no air conditioning) are now seen on our streets with white tops. It’s simple: white color reflects solar energy better and cheaper than anything else.”

Wow, some common sense….nice.


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