Posted by: al66888 | June 13, 2007

Calling all ideologies (liberal, conservative, federalist, socialist, etc)- what do you love about America?

Every time I blog, I write about a set group of things- things that drive me nuts, that I disagree with, that need to be changed.  But I need your help- I don’t want to know what divides you or causes you to hate the other side, but rather a simple question-

What do you love about America?

If you want, categorize yourself (IE I’m a conservative and I love….) but it’s not necessary (the reason I ask is just because I find it fascinating to see what others think).  I’m looking for the common bond instead of the dividing thread.  Something a little different for a change.   I’ll be gone the rest of the day, so hopefully, I’ll come back to a ton of comments. 



  1. i LOVE my freedoms . . .freedom to be educated, freedom to dress as i wish, freedom to chose my own career path, freedom to speak my mind, freedom to disagree (and those i have many for i AM a CONSERVATIVE)

  2. Freedom of Speech of course! Freedom to change from a knee jerk liberal to a person who thinks for herself! Yes, what do I call myself now? An intellectual?
    Living in Portland, Oregon I’ve been listening to the I hate George crap for YEARS. Yeah, I get it. Liberals are like whiny children sometimes and I know because I used to be one of them. (Not that I consider myself a conservative now). There is something to be said about personal responsibility and taking charge of one’s own life. The reason I’m listening to am radio and blogging about conservative and right wing talk show hosts is frankly because I want to hear what other people have to say. Other Americans. Liberals forget that the reason we have the constitution that we have is because it allows for debate. That is integral to our nation.
    I resent the fact that we are not only at war in Iraq but that we are at war with each other. It’s simply impossible to have any engaging debate with some of my liberal friends. If I moderate in any way they look at me like a traitor and call me names! (One of my friends called me a neo con and stormed out on the conversation over the early campaign debates of all things) I love the fact that Rush is on the air and can say anything he wants to say. I think it makes liberals look very bad when they try and censor him and others that simply don’t agree with them. Many liberals are warriors in dove’s clothes. They love verbal warfare, they love having an enemy like George W because now they can hate someone else other than themselves. Now they don’t have to feel guilty about using a plastic bag or driving a car because there is someone else perpetrating worse crimes than they. The Political Correctness movement was a huge failure and it ruined a lot of well meaning liberals. When just being alive and taking up air and using vital resources makes you feel bad about yourself you start hating and you definitely start resenting people (conservatives) who don’t operate off a guilt complex.
    There is something very weird going on when you live in a free society and you have people sitting in bars drinking beer and smoking cigarettes and saying whatever the hell they want to say and then they say that their country sucks. Methinks our citizens are a bunch of lazy, spoiled brats. But the best thing about this scenario is that they have to right to be lazy, spoiled brats.

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