Posted by: al66888 | June 12, 2007

More Eco-idiocy

Florida’s Tire Reef

Yesterday, I wrote about the ideas that Denver, CO is planning to help decrease their CO2 emmissions.  And of course, by ideas, I mean dollar generators.  Their goal, to reduce the CO2 output by the 2020 to the equivalent of removing 2 coal factories.  To do this they will:

  • start charging per trash can you put out
  • charging additional for using high amounts of energy
  • penalize businesses that use energy

And in 13 years- they’ll save the amount of 2 coal plants.  Which sounds great on the outside, when you don’t dig any deeper.  Problem is China is building 2 of these plants per week!  Do the math- 52 weeks in a yr x 2 per week x 13 years = wow.    Actually, all of these restrictions to businesses and households to reduce the worlds CO2 output by .0014%.  So, this will not inpact 99.9986% of the problem.   Good luck Denver. 

But that isn’t even the grand idiocy (well, except the taxation and fees part).  In a failed project, we are now trying to figure out a way to remove over 700,000 tires from the bottom of the ocean.  These tires were placed into the ocean in order to create the worlds largest artificial reef. 

For decades, about 700,000 tires have scoured the ocean floor across 34 acres, a disastrous underwater reminder of good intentions gone awry. The dumping of nearly 2 million tires began in 1972, intended to attract a rich variety of marine life and create alternate dive sites while disposing of tires that were clogging landfills.

It failed miserably and is killing part of a coral reef, and now divers from the U.S. Army, Navy and Coast Guard are cleaning up the mess.

If left unchecked, the tires could kill acres of coral and eventually start destroying other nearby reefs.

Now it’s going to cost Florida about $2 million to clean it up- guess who’s paying for that? Good luck with that Florida

sulphur rockets

Along those same lines as ‘it’s insane to throw tires into the ocean’, this scientist wants to go a step further and fire rockets into the air and explode 10 million tonnes of sulphur into the stratosphere. Only one problem- sulphur is not good for the enviroment or human beings

By the mid-1950s, the effects of sulphur were killing thousands of people through respiratory disease. It also caused acid rain and had devastating effects on plants and animals.

To combat this, clean air acts were introduced and filters were put in place to reduce sulphur emissions.

I feel like Ron Burgandy……Good Luck with that….Planet Earth.



  1. The government motto:
    If it sounds good , do it.

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